Thursday, March 9, 2017

26(ish) week preggo update

it won’t be long and little brother will be here.  this belly of mine reminds me on the daily.  the bump just won’t stop!  i’m super round and baby is super low.

being a second time mom has made this pregnancy much more enjoyable although staying pregnant as long as possible is constantly on my mind.  i know what to expect and for the most part what’s considered ‘normal’.  this second tri has treated me well and i’ve gotten to see baby boy so many times.  his profile looks just like carson’s but he is tucked in my tummy and is bashful about showing us more than just sneaks here and there.  (but we know he has a few little hairs! hehe)

baby is growing and measures closer to my app which is two days ahead the due date we were given. his belly is round and he has all his little toes and fingers.  im trusting my app more; it’s been pretty spot on with both of my pregnancies.  his heartbeat is lower than carson’s but not at all alarming.  he seems perfectly content to sleep most hours at night and to move constantly during the day.   i go back to the perinatologist in a few weeks for another growth and consult then it’s twice a month.  praying all continues to go smoothly and that baby stays nestled in his spot for several more weeks.

our newest little officially has a name but we aren’t ready to share – stay tuned.  boys are so hard to name!

his nursery is also slowly coming together.  and by together i simply mean that i have acquired most of the new big pieces and his room has paint.  once we move in i’m hoping that it goes together easily.  it’s nice that we didn’t have to buy any big pieces of furniture.  our only really big purchase to date has been our double stroller.  i researched for hours and decided on this stroller.  it even has the capability to be used for three.  we haven’t ruled out the possibility of a third babe but there’s going to be some more distance next time around.  haha.

i’m feeling overwhelmed with life although the slower month has been just what i needed.  i was sick around the same time as carson and felt pretty run down with work demands, countless errands and no sleep at the hospital.  the past couple of weeks i’ve had more energy and am starting to feel much more on top of life.  we’ll see how long that lasts.  i’ve been able to run -some- and get on the elliptical 4-5 days a week and have been able to manage a relatively healthful diet.  cookies, donuts and sweethearts definitely got the best of me some days though.

the reality has set in that it won’t be long before i’m holding a newborn and doing life as mommy of two under two!  it’s utterly surreal.  baby boy we cannot wait to meet you!

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