Wednesday, August 16, 2017

a ‘fix’ for your little : mac & mia review

a couple of weeks ago i ordered a mac and mia box for carson after learning about it from a fellow blogger mom.  mac and mia is a box subscription service that offers clothing and accessory convenience for busy mamas so naturally i was all about trying it out!  i mean a box subscription for kids…say whaaaaa?!

that’s right a ‘stitch fix’ for babies and toddlers!!

clothing options from nb-5t! Perfect for someone like me who rarely has time to shop unless it’s online or target and finds shopping for cute {and comfortable, versatile, dirt-is-ok like} things for baby boys a challenge.

seriously i couldn’t get over how easy, quick and convenient it was and the best part: carson actually enjoyed opening the box and pulling everything out.  not as excited as mom about the clothes but definitely excited that it was something new to do and really didn’t put up too much of a fight to try on his hand selected duds.

our stylist, SARAHM, packaged a box that was tailored well to my requests: sporty things that can transition well from weekend outings to church.  carson wears a lot of mesh shorts, joggers and tees at daycare {often purchased at second-hand stores or goodwill} but when we are out and about on weekends and most definitely for church we dress a little nicer.

i struggle with finding things that aren’t ‘mainstream’ and love when i can shop small.  mac and mia delivers on both and at price points that are reasonable for those nicer pieces.  each box is packaged with 6-10 garments priced anywhere between $10-$40.  for a $20 styling fee and free shipping both ways your stylist will personally reach out {in addition to reviewing your child’s profile} to ensure your request is satisfactorily filled and include a note on each of the pieces selected.

when I  carson opened his box i was immediately drawn to this {see below} indigo hoodie jacket.  it’s perfect for fall’s cooler temps without being too heavy or obnoxiously covered in logo.  it also fit his short torso and shorter arms without much rolling {read: belly size – 18 months; arms size – 12 months}.  naturally it was the most expensive item in the box at $36.

also in the box were a pair of sunglasses, stocking hat, puffer vest, flannel, jeans, joggers, and four long sleeved tops.  so. many. items.  i pulled out the items i liked best and limited our fashion show to those because well, i have a toddler.

i loved these seven for all mankind jeans and their $20 price point but carson was just too short.  he tried on a few of the tops and with cody’s help we selected the iggy long sleeve.  i loved the patching and stripes and knew it would work perfectly with the vests we currently have, jeans and khakis – the type of versatile piece i was hoping for.

if we elected to keep the entire box, allowing us to take advantage of a 15% discount we would have spent a little over $200 which is roughly $20 per item. that’s still more than i’d normally spend {again self-confessed target and second-hand shopper} but the convenience factor is HUGE!  to find that many items, which i like, and get them tried on would have been several weekends in the making!!

we kept two of the items and can’t wait to give the service another go later again this fall – this time adding a box for our little tatum boy.

i can’t say i’ll be a regular customer by any means but i will most certainly reach out when i’m in need of clothing for special occasions or in a pinch to get ‘a thing’ quick.

give it a try for yourself – perfect timing with school just around the corner – using this link to get $20 off and then tell me what you think.

in his indigo jacket ;o)

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