Thursday, September 24, 2015

a garden party baby shower

a most perfect floral centerpiece
i’ve been a girly-girl since my best friend introduced me to eye shadow in the seventh grade.  that same best friend knows who i am at my very core and ever so perfectly threw a garden party themed baby shower in my honor over the past weekend.  her ability to marry such a feminine theme with the fact that i’m going to be the mother of a little boy blew me away!  every detail was considered from the mint accents rights down to the greek yogurt chicken salad flower cups. 

despite busy schedules and a perfect late summer day several came or sent their well wishes and gifts in the week prior.  the continued love and support from these people in our life and in the life that we are creating is appreciated beyond measure.  we were and continue to be completely humbled! 

a cake of my favorite flavors: lemon and white (yes, i’m a vanilla girl)
my mom made this adorable diaper 4-wheeler cake – complete with a ‘carson’ license plate 🙂 

my best friend’s adorable son in a floral headband – he’s such a ham!

rachel captured all of the gifts including her own – she made us a baseball blanket and got us pp tee pees, among other things
brandea even made it!  we’ll get her thumbprint in december 

don’t mind the funny face – this gift, a braves fan onsie, from my girlfriend makenzie is just so perfect!  i can’t wait to get carson in it and take him to a game next summer – it’s never too early to start!!   

with the grandmas 

my beautiful hostesses and best friends 

meanwhile at home…..allie was in heaven with all of the new ‘chew toys’

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