Tuesday, February 7, 2017

and baby is a …

(scroll to the end for the live reveal reel)

b o y !!!

for nearly 12 weeks we’ve known the sex of our baby yet cody and i have kept this little secret to ourselves while we waited for the 20 week ultrasound and thought of names.

it’s not like the baby was going to be anything other than a boy or a girl but it’s a total shock either way.

when the sonographer showed me at 10 weeks i couldn’t have anticipated my reaction.  i was just beaming!  almost giddy about the thought of having two boys so close in age.  and while a girl is good too and would certainly make me just as happy  i’m learning that there is no love like that which a boy has for his momma.

his nursery has gone through many iterations in my mind and my secret pinterest board is all over the place.  i’m getting much closer and am so excited to start shopping for all of the cute little boy things.  we won’t need much so i’m going to shop small and hit up some cutesy boutiques – splurging a little more than i did with carson while spending a whole lot less.  ;o)

these next 12-18 weeks (<- reality. haha!) are going to fly by!  i can hardly imagine what carson will think of his little brother and can already imagine them being the best of friends and each other’s biggest pain in the neck all at the same time.  i’m anticipating lots of crazy!

we’ve shared baby sobo’s name with close family and will share it with the rest of the world soon.

thanks for following along and for all of your well wishes and love!

photos courtesy of libby sharp photography


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