Tuesday, August 2, 2016

baby shower: kate spade style

i’m going to be an auntie again!  and i couldn’t be more excited to welcome another niece!!  little does she know she’s already got a hold on my heart.  

saturday my sister-in-law, heather, and i hosted the momma-to-be, brandea, a shower in her honor.  and aside from a minor balloon fiasco it was a complete success.  

we celebrated with a kate spade themed shower and i’m thrilled with how it all turned out – even if most of my party supplies were tucked away in storage.  

as i do with any party i plan, i start with the invitation and go from there.  when i found these invites on etsy i knew there was no turning back.  black, white, gold and pink sums it up. i found perfectly striped paper table runners here and a few ideas on pinterest – naturally.  heather ordered the 34 inch gold ‘baby’ balloons from a local florist, i spray-painted all of the golf accents and we leveraged my mom’s mad skills for the floral arrangements. brandea’s mom brought a letter for us all to sign and picked up the cake.  it came together so perfectly and really without much fuss.  

we kept the food simple.  easy pastries and pre-made quiche cups, mini fruit pizzas (thanks mom!), and of course the most intricately made cake i’ve ever tasted.  orange and mint infused water, tea, coffee, and a small mimosa bar made for some serious sugar overload!  kate spade is all girly feels in my book and nothing says ‘girl’ like a mini world of pink, gold, and black dusted in sugar! 

while the momma-to-be opened gifts guests indulged.  then we broke for a quick game of ‘baby portrait’.  guests had 60 seconds to draw what baby rylie would look like upon arrival on an index card…held to their forehead.  the artistry was impressive for some!  brandea judged and chose five winners before returning to gifts.  winners were given opi nail polish and hair product. 

it took her a full 90 minutes to get through all of her gifts!  maybe she knows it, maybe not but that little mama and her little girl are so, so loved! 

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