Friday, July 10, 2015

beautiful ordinary days

 when cody and i started dating seven years ago i knew that i was going to marry him.  i knew that we were going to buy a house, travel, have babies, raise our family and be together.  simple as that.  it’s hard to explain but, i knew without a doubt that’s what was going to happen.  now seven years later we are expecting our first baby and life as we know it is going to change forever.  seven years seems like such a long time.   at nearly the halfway point in this pregnancy journey it’s dawning on me just how little ‘alone/us’ time we actually have left.  selfishly i’d like to shut ourselves off to the rest of the world for the next 21 weeks and enjoy each other’s company.  the reality though is that it’s the people around us – our family and friends – who are making this an even more exciting and joyous time and i certainly couldn’t imagine my life right now without them.  we’re rounding this corner and moving in a new direction.  i won’t be taking for granted our lazy mornings on the couch, wasted weeknights, simple dinners, and busy weekends.  in fact, i’ll work to remind myself of just how sacred they are and how very soon it will all change.    

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