Thursday, April 6, 2017

best of baby registry – FREE!!

as a second time mom i’ve learned a thing or two about what i’ll actually use and need for a babe.  it doesn’t mean i’m an expert, or that we have it all or that it’s any less expensive to baby prep for a second when you consider the long term costs.  we’re tucking money away for additional daycare and my leave and eventually a new vehicle..and then there’s the college savings -blah, blah, blah.  it does mean that baby prep is a bit more fun though once you have all of the big essential purchases taken care of.  for us it means that i’ve gotten to splurge on a few fun, like-to-have items though anything free makes me feel like i’ve won the lottery!

especially when it’s something new and incredibly useful.

and so i bring you my best of baby registry – FREE!

after first hand experience and crowd sourcing all the mamas i know i’ve come to the conclusion that the best freebie baby boxes are from target and amazon.  both are well worth the little effort they require and are chalk full of goodies you’ll actually use!  below is a break down of each.

amazon baby welcome box

i know i’m not the only one who shamelessly shops amazon but i had no idea they had a baby welcome box until i decided to mess around with the baby registry for fun a few weeks back.  i’ve realized that by adding another baby to the mix there are a few things we still need for our growing toddler and a few things i’d like to replace from the first time around.  all small and relatively inexpensive but i thought creating a registry to keep myself organized would be a good idea.  THEN i discovered that for the completion of that registry with the shipment of at least $10 in items (things i’d buy anyway) i’d get this amazing box of goodies.  done!

the boxes change periodically but all contain basically the same items, most pictured above.

my favorites were the organic items and the star baby swaddle.  it’s incredibly soft and lightweight which will make it perfect for our littlest babe this summer.

target registry gift bag

this bag is easily worth more than $60 between the free product and coupons (maybe more)!!!  again, totally worth the effort to scan a few items; most i’ll end up purchasing at some point anyway.  not only was i greeted by a guest manager but i was also offered a complimentary starbucks beverage – bonus!  this was much different than my first target registry experience which was very hurried with only a couple of sample items (left from someone else haha!).  i’m glad i gave it another go and encourage you to as well!

my favorite item hands down was the {full-size} dr. brown’s bottle.  these bottles are the best for babies with reflux and if baby number two is plagued the same as big brother we’ll be happy to have another in our bottle rotation.  i was also thrilled with the mustela wash which i hear is good for cradle cap and

…all the coupons!!  i plan to use nearly all!

other stores with baby box freebies worth checking out: sam’s club, buy buy baby, and babies r us.

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