Tuesday, February 23, 2016

carson taylor: four months

it’s bittersweet that you’re four months old already!  on one hand i’m sad that you are growing this fast and on the other i’m just loving how much fun you are right now.  

this month was pretty much the same as last.  no new big milestones over here.  though that’s not to say we don’t have anything to report.  while your routine is still pretty much the same you’ve become a slower eater during the day and a faster one at night.  we think this is because you can see so much better now and are on high alert.  your attention is usually anywhere but on your bottle (unless of course the bottle isn’t anywhere near and then your attention is focused on getting a bottle).   i’ve found you a few times lying wide-awake in your crib looking around; intently studying your surroundings.  since you generally don’t cry when you wake in the morning it’s the sweetest thing ever to walk into your room and have you smile the minute you see me.  it sets my entire day into positive motion.

speaking of development your mind must be working on overload.  noises and lights capture your attention in no time.  you have babbling down to a science and when it comes to mommy you are all smiles and coos.  it makes me feel so good to know that i might be your favorite person right now (sorry dad!).  according to Casey, your daycare provider, the two of you are having ‘conversations’ on the regular and noises from the other babies keep you on your toes.    

since getting sick and feeling better we’ve seen more of your personality!!  for now i’ll comment that you seem very contemplative with a look that often demonstrates you are thinking.  you are generally happy and if you want something you aren’t afraid to let us know – this directness is probably a mom trait.  you also seem to love being on the go – another mom trait no doubt.  our only complaint: you giggle and snort like it’s nobody’s business but have yet to give us a full belly laugh.  

as a preemie the doctors warned that you would have some catching up to do both physically and mentally.  to date you continue to surprise, most notably in the physical growth department.  your pediatrician often comments that you don’t know you were a preemie.  in fact you are now measuring off the preemie charts and are now compared to others in your same age group!  at your last appointment you measured 13 pounds 6 ounces (12th percentile) – your thigh rolls have rolls – and 23 inches long (1stpercentile – no surprise here).  i’m nearly ready to bust out the 3-6 month clothes but it’s 0-3 for life with your stubby little legs.  ;o) 

and, just so it’s written for later and we don’t forget, this month you gave us our biggest scare to date!  on february 8th you were admitted to blank children’s hopsital (again) for bronchiolitis after contracting rsv.    you stayed four nights and mom and dad took turns during the day and slept on the cot at night.  i’ve never been so scared in all of my life.  on the day you were admitted you couldn’t breathe, were turning blue when eating and had started to get dehydrated.  i’m sure this is just one of the many more times in your life that you’ll have me in a panic but, let’s give this momma a break.  what do ya say kiddo?!  

the nurses and doctors took such fantastic care of you!  after sleeping for nearly two days solid you woke a new baby.  although it wasn’t exactly how i anticipated spending your first valentine’s day you did get a special visit from the drake football team.  they brought you valentines and toys and even delivered cookies for mom and dad.  you looked so small compared to some of them! it was certainly a holiday we won’t easily forget.

what a month, carson!  i love you so! 
that smile!
that pouty face ;o)
first walk….in january!!

so many valentine’s
sitting in your chair like a big boy and being a little ham!

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