Thursday, October 26, 2017

carson taylor : is TWO!

you are two.

in the blink of an eye you’re two.  and i’m sitting here left wondering where the heck those two years went?!

you hear all the time that ‘it goes so fast’.  now i trust those time flies sentiments because i seriously can’t get over the fact that  you are growing up this fast.  while each birthday is a milestone this one, just like your first, is a little bigger.  it marks the start of self discovery, toddler rebellion, and independence.  it’s also the start of your last years before school and organized sports and friends and other things ‘more important’ than mom and dad.

it’s the start of a new chapter for you little man and i’m already incredibly mushy about this period, knowing that while it will be the start of so many new things and adventures for you it’s also a period of lasts for me – last bottle at night, last carry around the house, last time to rock you before bed – the list goes on.  selfishly i want you to stay little forever.  to need me forever…and actually want me around.  ugh.  all.the.feels.

i so vividly remember the details of your birth.  you came in a hurry and haven’t slowed down yet! you’re just getting so big!

so what’s new in the past two months?!  oh. mah gosh!  so much!

let’s start with the 2 year deets:

height:  2 ft.  8.5in. (13%) // weight: 25.25 lbs. (16%)

carson, the past year has treated you well.  you’ve experienced so many more firsts in your second year and welcomed a little brother.  you’ve discovered how to talk and know how to push all of mommy’s buttons to get what you want.  you are full of energy even on your most tired days and are facially expressive in ways that cause me to pause because they are just so telling.  i love that you cheerfully wave to all passersby and say bye-bye and night-night to each of us every morning and night.

the past two months alone consisted of one last boat, picnics in the park, fishing, playing football, a new daycare classroom + lots of sensory play, a trip to KC, double baths, thomas the train, an overnight with uncle matt, another haircut, sobotka nationals and more pumpkin patch visits.

you set the table now at dinner time which has been a great distraction when you get super hangry.  i hear you placing silverware ‘car-don’, ‘momm’, ‘daddy’.  you can just barely tip the silverware over the edge yet manage just fine.  you set your cup and carry whatever condiments we might need.  it’s actually quite helpful.

you talk in full sentences, most of which we can now understand.  you’ve learned so many words in just the past month alone it’s astounding.  with dizzying speed you are making connections and telling us your thoughts.  i’ve been so impressed and we are working hard to keep up with your pronunciation as we decipher all of those new words.

we work on manners a lot.  even when i’m frustrated i say ‘please stop doing x’ or ‘thank you for not doing x’.  i rarely make demands, unless i’m super frustrated and you respond well to that style.  you still stand with your arms crossed behind your back when you’re waiting for something you want and sign ‘please’ and ‘all-done’.  you say thank you most times without prompting and are just so dang sweet.  most of the time.

you’re not always that sweet and polite though.  in the past month we had to have ‘a talk’ with daycare about your not-so-nice behavior.  with your older friends moving on to the two-year old classroom you became a real bully.  it broke my heart to learn that you were biting without being provoked, pushing and hitting other kiddos.  since moving on to the new classroom and being reunited with your friends you’ve turned a corner – maybe you were bored or irritated from that ear infection, whatever the case we’ve been cracking down.

despite all your bad-boyness at daycare you’ve picked up an admirer.  cody’s co-worker’s wife teaches at the center and their daughter is your age.  her name is lexi and when asked about her day we’ve learned that she mentions playing with all of the other little girls and ‘carsbotka’.  she knows who your mommy and daddy are and is very fond of you.  first girlfriend?

other tidbits that make you – you:

preferred diet:  donuts. macaroni & cheese.  cheese.  yogurt.  eggs. deli meat.  fruit. milk.

i love hearing you say ‘little brudar’ and ‘cardon’.

uncle matt may very well be your bff.

you walk like your daddy – arms back, chest up with some kind of swag i’ve seen no where else.

coffee is called ‘mommy…coffee’ + ‘hot’ – you like to pretend your making it for or drinking it with me.

your personality has exploded!  you like to keep the toys organized like mama, talk non-stop but are a little bashful until you warm up to others, get easily frustrated when your tired or have tried something a few times already without success, and prefer the company of others.

bossing in one-word commands like ‘up’ or ‘go’ is not uncommon though you do say ‘peese’ when attempts 1, 2 or 5 have failed.

car rides with you are the best!  seriously you are such a good little road warrior.

 saying ‘no’ in your sassiest voice with an ornery little giggle + toothy grin when asked almost anything is your M.O. these days.

you can read the mouse pumpkin book and our favorite is the ‘siyee punkin’.  too cute for words.

i’ve noticed you rub your head from the back to the front while thinking – again, just like daddy.

when it comes to music you can’t get enough.  whether it’s mom and dad fumbling through a nursery rhyme or a song on the radio you are all ears and show off your moves.

you are fast! you run full speed with your head down and it’s as if your upper body can’t keep up because you’re still somewhat wobbly.  chase remains a constant fav.

you’re smart.  you draw conclusions and know how to solve most of your own problems.

when it comes to your trucks, cars, gears, and tools you have an interest in figuring out how they work and how they go together.

and above all else you’re an amazing big brother.  nothing could have prepared me for watching you interact and fall in love with ‘your baby’.  he’s very much a big part of your world and despite twinges of jealously here and there you want nothing more than to keep him happy.

carson, your growing so fast.  you’re changing each and every day and proving to me just how big you’re getting.  i thank my lucky stars every single day for you.  you’ve given me more just by being my baby than i’ll ever be able to repay.  you may be growing fast and getting strong and someday {eventually} you’ll outgrow my arms but i want you to know now that even when your fifty-2 you’ll still be my baby! i love you and so does daddy!  more than you know! happy 2nd birthday!

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