Thursday, November 26, 2015

carson taylor: one month

dear carson,

it’s hard to believe that a month has passed since you came into this world.  you surprised us all by arriving six weeks early and you have already stolen so many hearts.  mine, for one, is all yours.  your daddy is smitten and i fall deeper in love with him each time i see him with you.  you make us smile each day but this month has been nothing short of trying. 

you spent your first three weeks in the NICU at blank children’s hospital in des moines before coming home.  despite being born with minimal complications you had to learn how to eat and grow.  you came home weighing only 5 lbs and 8 oz.  you were tiny…and still are!  despite our assisted transition to parenting we were nervous to take you home.  we’ve since established a bit of a routine, you sleep most hours of the day though and are alert in the late evening, just as you were in the womb.  you sleep best in your rock-n-play and hate getting your diaper changed.  you also do things in your own time; as an example two days before we went home you yanked out your feeding tube and ate like a champ – making home a possibility. 

allie loves you!  she loves to sniff you and lay on you – although she is a bit heavy for your tiny frame.  she is a fierce protector and now barks and growls ferociously when anyone comes near the house.  of course since your birth I’ve done all of our Christmas shopping online so she does a lot of barking each day when the fedex truck or postman arrives.  it’s quite comical.  she is also extremely tired these days and even starts upstairs hours before dad and i are ready.  i think this is because each time you grunt or moan (which is a lot) at night she wakes. 

you are ridiculously cute!  you have dad’s hairline 😉 and cowlick.  it’s also possible that your hair may have red tones.  i guess we’ll see.   aside from your hair you certainly are a perfect blend of mom and dad.  we can’t pinpoint who you look like but, i see several of your uncles, cousins, myself and your daddy at any given moment. 

thank you for making me a mommy and teaching me how to love beyond measure.  you truly are a miracle and i’m so proud to call you mine!

funny moment of the month:  carson’s insurance card arrived in the mail.  cody’s reaction “seriously?! that seems like a bit much; why does he need an insurance card?  he doesn’t even have a wallet!”   

my favorite picture of you and daddy – right after you were born
so many cords!  you were two days old here and weighed less than your birth weight
leaving the NICU after 20 days
tummy time shenanigans 
at the festival of trees and lights which benefits blank children’s hospital 

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