Thursday, February 16, 2017

carson taylor: sixteen months

time is flying.

i know i’ve said it before but this stage has to be my favorite!  it has seriously been the best two months!

our mini toddler is weighing in at just over 22 pounds and has grown a whole inch – 1 single inch! – in the past three months – still 1st percentile.  haha! our pediatrician is great; she tried to make me believe that he probably lost some weight and that his growth was stunted with the nasty cold and then hospital stay last month.  let’s be honest: he destined to be petite.  sorry buddy!

you’re in 12 month pants, rocking size 4 diapers and 12-18 month everything else although mommy is hard at work building out your 18 month wardrobe so that i have one less thing to worry about once baby comes.

you kid are on the move!  you’re into EVERYTHING and don’t stop until you crash which these days is around 8/8:15 PM at night and mid day anytime between 10:30 & 11:30 AM.  on good days you nap for a full two hours and sleeps until 5 AM.  at 5 AM it’s morning milk and then sleep for another 90 minutes.  we’ll take it all!

despite being on the small side eating is a hobby you take very seriously.  you can now help yourself to the cheerios and several other snacks which are located in the bottom cupboard – right at your level.  at any given time our living is littered with single cheerios, cereal boxes and individually wrapped snacks that crinkle.  sharing food with allie and throwing it off your high chair tray are other food related hobbies that drive us nuts.  you love to share!

speaking of sharing, we get compliments from daycare about how sweet you are.  you are also seriously ‘helpful’.  while you do carry diapers to the pail and help us put things away, especially shoes, you are also notorious for pulling items out of the trash and unfolding laundry as you move it from the floor to the drawer. in the new house the trash will be tucked away in a drawer and the laundry will be done in it’s own room – what will you get into then?!

you’ve started to imitate mommy and daddy.  you shake your head ‘no’ over and over again and rock your whole upper body when shaking ‘yes’.  you stick out your tongue when you’re concentrating and love to throw balls, ‘shoot hoops’, tug with allie and put things away.  i once found a toy pig, fruit cup, and orajel in your push around bus – all of life’s essentials.  i laughed so hard.

no different than last year, almost to the day, you gave us quite a scare.  you were hospitalized again for rsv and bronchilolitis a week shy of your 1 year hospital-free anniversary.  you had a cold for a couple of weeks before it intensified to the point that we took you to the emergency room.  it’s so scary watching your baby struggle to breathe and this mommy was instantly relieved when you were admitted. they hooked you up to oxygen and you slept for nearly two days (we stayed with you every minute) and were ready to bust out once you started feeling like yourself again.  in fact, you were the happiest we have EVER seen you the day after you were released.  you were just so sick.

before bedtime you say ‘nigh, nigh’ and crawl up on daddy.  you can also say more which sounds like ‘ma’ and can point to your ears and belly button.  you continue to learn everyday and just beam with happiness!  i’m in awe at how easily entertained you are with nearly anything and at how happy you can be by only the presence of others.  it’s a quality i think we lose as we age.  you make me so proud and i’m loving my role as a mom to help you learn and grow.

sixteen month photo dump

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