Monday, December 4, 2017

i blinked

‘it goes by in the blink of an eye’ that’s what you hear all the time and sure enough it’s true.  in a blink carson has rounded the corner to two and tatum isn’t far behind at six months.  libby snapped these pictures of them a few weeks ago and i cannot get over carson’s beaming personality {notice: not always a happy camper} or tatum’s roundness.

look at how big my sweet baby boy is!!!!  and those expressive eyebrows – oh my!  i cannot get enough.

kisses for days.

then there’s this little dude.  spiked hair and ‘tude.  he can stop growing any time.

raisins to the rescue for the best big brother.

not ornery at all! {lies}

pictures this go-round weren’t the easiest.  dad was busy at the house so mom was flying solo.  carson wasn’t having it and wouldn’t let go of my leg and tatum, who can actually sit, was feeling extra wobbly.  we went to a local campus and i just love that libby captures the moments.  lifestyle photography is my fav and she does it so well.

afterward we all moaed down on lasagna and puppy chow at libby’s while the boys played.  it was such a relaxed and casual night.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

carson’s big boy room

i know i’ve shared it before; when i found out i was pregnant with another boy i had big dreams of bunking them and creating a very blue, very boy space for my growing littles.  putting the cart before the horse a bit but it made me so unbelievably happy!

it’s still my plan but that’s not what this post is about.

since we moved i’ve been slowly making our house a home.  there are so many things i’d like to do to give it our own personal touch and…character.  i’m taking it one room at a time and doing my best not to overwhelm my husband who is doing a great job of finishing our basement in all of his quote-end-quote spare time.  i started working on carson’s room while we were in the apartment a few weeks before we moved.  i pinned ideas like crazy and poured over the perfect blue color for the feature wall.  now that the new baby is here and visitors have come and gone we’ve moved in his toddler bed and his room reveal is ready!!

i wanted to create a space that would grow with him.  not too big and not too small, just right.  ;o) i wanted to keep the walls clean and his toys as organized as possible.  the key would be the furniture.  the challenge would be getting something at a reasonable pricepoint.  after finding his toddler bed frame at a second hand store last fall {which was FREE since it was bought with my banked credit!!} i knew i had the perfect base for planning the rest.

the details

a deep blue – i wanted a bold color for his room that would scream boy!  i settled on denim by sherwin williams.  it was perfect for anchoring the space and matched the geometric rug i had purchased at home goods perfectly!

perhaps the best deal is his bed!  it was free!!!  and by free i mean i bought it with co-signed earnings for a little over $50.  it’s was in nearly perfect condition and is an ikea twin sized model.  since bunk beds are the future i didn’t want to spend a fortune on a transitional bed and this was perfect!  we just ordered these bumpers and will be transitioning him starting next week.  wish us luck!!

since i decided early on to forgo a dresser.  in the room itself i wanted to find an industrial inspired bookshelf.  i love mixing textures {think woods, metals, clean white} and found this one on wayfair.  the wood grain shelving was perfect! problem was it was over $500 at the time.  it was out of the question!  so naturally i turned to my husband and begged him to create the bookshelf but to make the frame from welded steel instead.  it turned out better than i could have imagined and i love it so much more than what i found!  serious props to him for being so amazing!!  it may be the most sturdy piece of {anchored} furniture in our home.

without a dresser i needed a solution for clothes storage.  once the boys are bunked we’ll furniture shop again so i repurposed the toy shelf that was in his nursery with bins for his clothes.  it tucked into his closet and houses his shoes on top, clothes, diapers and a few toys – leaving the closet shelving for storage…and stuffed animals.


the bins to keep his toys organized came from target as was the frame for my favorite picture of the three of us, the pillows on his bed and the lamp are from pottery barn.  i made his alphabet boards  last year and the large ‘C’ was brought over from the nursery {tatum has one too}. again i kept the walls clean for the most part.

all of the curtains in our home are from ikea and may be the best deal on the planet!  our blinds are custom from allen interiors – cordless, rattan and perfection!

i absolutely love how the space turned out.  it will grow with him well and it already so full.  it’s somewhat modern minimalist while being functional and as boy-proof as you can get.

now to the next space…. which are you dying to see us do??!  i’m torn between the entry/laundry and the kitchen – help me decide!!


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

2017 toddler {& baby} boy christmas wishlist

you guys!  christmas is sneaking up on us!!!

and i for one am not at all upset about it.  in fact, i am totally eating it up!  carson is now starting to understand the whole present thing and that alone makes it a little more fun.  last year we didn’t have a tree or our own home to decorate so it was somewhat bittersweet.  not this year!  i am getting the tree out this weekend and can’t wait to fill every room in our house with christmas decor in the years to come {one thing/room at a time!}.

instead of creating a wishlist for myself i decided to make one for the boys and had waaayyyy more fun thinking up all the things i want for them – most of which we have.  it’ll be fun to see how these wishlists change over the years as they grow and give me ideas all their own.

and truth be told i had so much fun i almost created a GIRL wishlist….not because that’s on the horizon – oh no!….but because our adoptee this year is a little girl and i am so insanely giddy over the idea of shopping for a girl.  my mom has the biggest heart and has adopted multiple children every year for as long as i can remember around the holidays and it’s something i’m starting to do with my boys.  this is the first year i’ve gotten a GIRL so it’s pretty special.  it makes me feel so incredibly humble knowing how lucky my babies are to have two loving parents, a roof over their heads, food on the table, warm clothes and toys to keep them entertained.  they are so blessed.  we are so blessed.

one.//  t-ball set – carson’s birthday is late fall and with christmas right on it’s heels i’m always looking for things i can pull out ‘new’ in the spring.  a t-ball set will be perfect + it’s his daddy’s sport so that alone makes my heart happy.  i know dad will be just as excited as carson to play with this one.

two.//  an activity cube –  something that would be perfect for our littlest babe as he learns to pull himself up.  this one appears to be reasonably priced and has so many cool learning features.

three.//  a balance bike – i see this getting a lot of good use come next spring.  and it’s already been purchased for carson!!  my sister-in-law had one for our nephew and after a couple of years using it he was able to hop on his bike {without training wheels} at only 3.5 years old!!! who knew?

four.//  these chunky farm animals – my brother is building tatum a barn just like he did for carson.  i love that my boys will have something hand crafted from him to keep for years to come.  carson has his own set of animals but as a mama who wants her boys to each have their own – within reason – i’m adding these to t’s wishlist.

five.//  books – you can’t have a ‘read’ gift without a christmas book, right?!  at least while their little and we build our collection.  i’ve already purchased each of the boys’ books this year and am absolutely loving how into books carson is right now!

six.// we gift our boys 4 gifts each year: want, need, wear, read + a bonus ‘santa’ gift.  can you guess the bonus gift this year?!  a peg perego john deere gator!  my dad pitched in on this guy for the boys and both he and cody wanted to bust it open in july when it arrived.  over my dead body!  that’d be a pretty flashy ‘just because’ gift in my opinion.  carson is going to lose his little mind and tatum will most definitely need to be strapped tight.  haha!

seven.//  scout.  we got a scout last year for christmas and have used it every night since.  ours is personalized for carson so i want another for tatum.  carson plays with it often and for tatum the bedtime music will come in handy.  if this isn’t on your baby wishlist – add it! {there’s even a girl version!}

eight.//  i about died when i saw these hats.  they were definitely a splurge but…yolo – can’t believe i actually used that acronym – haha!  you girl mamas can have all the bows – i’m most definitely into hat wearing these days!  i have a matching top and i’m just sure those boys of mine will love a photo-op with their mama all matchy-matchy.

nine.//  baby vans.  all the heart eyes! i linked the exact pair i ordered but these were close enough.  i dress my boys in ways my husband doesn’t understand nor necessarily approve but my time is limited.  i think he thinks i’m a bit ridiculous at times but these shoes!, how could you not?!  and since i buy 95% of their clothes second hand i figured what the heck.

ten.//  toddler boxer briefs.  carson has started using the potty – intermittently.  is it sad that this year his ‘need’ gift is going to be a potty chair?!

eleven.//  baby + toddler carhartt gear.  i am most definitely placing this on the grandparent wishlist for the boys.  they love being outside and as much as we are able we’ll get them down to the farm.  having durable, warm outside gear that can get dirty and be used for all the next in line is a big deal PLUS babes in grown-up like stuff is just so swoon-worthy!

twelve.//  christmas jams.  gap has the cutest christmas pjs and i love the look of a classic two piece.  i’ll most definitely be making a purchase and plan to pair with their book for our christmas eve box.

what’s on the list for your littles?!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

celebrating f i v e + giveaway

five years.  f i v e. that’s how long cody and i have been married as of this past friday!

i can still crisply remember details of the day and how cody played with his wedding ring in the weeks that followed.  it was one of the absolute best seasons of my life!

to celebrate we spent the weekend away from our little guys in the quad cities – boating!

we went from having ‘no real plans’ to a jam-packed weekend that has left my cup overflowing!  i am one very lucky lady?!

aside from knowing we were going to get away for a couple of days we had no idea what we were going to do and no idea where we were going to go until tuesday afternoon of last week.  for our original plan the weather wasn’t shaping up the way we wanted so we shifted gears.  it was one of the best weekends!

saturday morning we said a bittersweet good-bye to our baby boy {carson had left Friday night for a fun-filled weekend with uncle matt on the farm} and headed out.  the beauty of traveling without the babes was the ability to stop for coffee or gas {or any darn thing we wanted} without it taking 5xs as long so that’s exactly what we did.  i grabbed a donut and coffee from starbucks and we were off.

boat in tow we cruised the river, adult beverage in hand, for a few hours before checking into our hotel.  with 90+ degree temps it was such a fun way to spend the afternoon with my #1 love!

given that our actual anniversary was friday cody and i had already exchanged cards and gifts so i loved that he was wearing his new watch all weekend long!  seriously, jord makes the best quality wood watches {giveaway details below}!   i chose one with gears for his engineering mind and wasn’t surprised a bit when that’s where his eyes naturally wondered after opening it.  cody’s love language is gifts so i know he appreciated the thought and care that went into picking something that would be just his style.

with time to actually shower and get ready in an obnoxiously, all-too-quiet hotel room we dressed cute and took our empty bellies to a local pizza hotspot and caught part of the iowa game.  we both love pizza and ventured out of our normal selections for the ‘big mac’ and it did not disappoint.

{only picture we got together from the weekend….not great quality but a great memory}

boating is our thing.  movies are also our thing.  coffee is mine.

we made a point to squeeze it all in.  we hadn’t been to a movie in months so we went big and bought two tickets to the imax after learning that the 8:25 PM show had sold out.  we came back for the late showing and watched the kingsman.  i indulged in some buttered popcorn with m&ms and cody sipped his soda….then we left early.  haha!  we literally looked at each other just after midnight and decided to go – no words necessary.  the film wasn’t our top choice so we weren’t disappointed to be leaving right as it was getting ‘good’.

desperate for my breast pump we made our way to our room and poured ourselves into bed just bed one.  we didn’t move again until seven the next morning.

sunday, before heading back, we grabbed coffee and breakfast at dunn brother’s coffee and considered taking the boat for another spin while floating but missed my babies.  we talked nearly the entire weekend and as most parents would confess nearly every conversation was dominated by our babies or plans for the near future.

by the time we left i was ready to see my boys.  and we were reunited right after nap time.

ending the weekend with their sweet giggles and smiling faces was the best ever!  we snuggled in bed and watched mickey mouse before buzzing around the house to get ready for the week ahead.

the five year anniversary weekend may officially be over but not the jord giveaway {scroll just a bit more}!  i selected the zebra and dark sandalwood watch from the dover collection for cody because of it’s unique design and stellar craftsmanship but that jord makes is beyond words!  honestly i want his wood watch for myself.  ;o)  they make the best gifts – wedding, anniversary, father’s day, birthday, christmas….

enter below for your chance to win a $100 gift card to shop any of their unique designs!! one lucky person will win but everyone will get a consolation code worth $25 once the contest ends.

enter here for your chance to win!

giveaway ends october 1 at 11:59 PM.  gift codes expire october 31.
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