Tuesday, September 20, 2016



every once in a while you meet someone in life that changes your trajectory.  everything about them captivates you and all of a sudden you realize that they’re someone special.  someone worth keeping around. 😉

i’m not sure why but for whatever reason 8 years ago i decided to take you up on an offer to hang out at your aunt and uncles lake house, on a whim.  it’s that decision and YOU that changed the trajectory of my life at the time.  fast forward 4 years and we were walking down the aisle.  since that time we’ve bought and sold a couple homes, are building a new one, graduated college, started working in the real world, traveled to some pretty neat places, brought home little allie and welcomed our first child.  we’ve grown so much together, as individuals and as a couple.  every year with you has brought with it the most incredible experiences and memories.  if i could have predicted 8 years ago what life would look like today i wouldn’t have waited so long to make you mine.

not sure what you have planned this weekend but i can’t wait!  spending quality time with you and remembering why we fell so madly in love is what i’m most looking forward to.

thanks babe for another great year!

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