Monday, December 4, 2017

i blinked

‘it goes by in the blink of an eye’ that’s what you hear all the time and sure enough it’s true.  in a blink carson has rounded the corner to two and tatum isn’t far behind at six months.  libby snapped these pictures of them a few weeks ago and i cannot get over carson’s beaming personality {notice: not always a happy camper} or tatum’s roundness.

look at how big my sweet baby boy is!!!!  and those expressive eyebrows – oh my!  i cannot get enough.

kisses for days.

then there’s this little dude.  spiked hair and ‘tude.  he can stop growing any time.

raisins to the rescue for the best big brother.

not ornery at all! {lies}

pictures this go-round weren’t the easiest.  dad was busy at the house so mom was flying solo.  carson wasn’t having it and wouldn’t let go of my leg and tatum, who can actually sit, was feeling extra wobbly.  we went to a local campus and i just love that libby captures the moments.  lifestyle photography is my fav and she does it so well.

afterward we all moaed down on lasagna and puppy chow at libby’s while the boys played.  it was such a relaxed and casual night.

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