Monday, May 23, 2016

kc getaway: part two

sunday morning i woke early with carson.  he ate and we played before i walked to the starbucks for some morning caffeine.  i’ve never minded the morning and walking downtown took me back to when i lived in dc.  in the early morning, even there, the streets were bare and the city was still.  it was always my favorite time of day!  starbucks was closed.  it didn’t open for another hour.  that was fine; i decided to go back and kill time by reading and playing with carson.  when i returned he and cody were snuggled up and asleep.  sweetest moment ever – so naturally i captured it!
waiting for my hair to dry…and ‘sharing’ my starbucks
that day we explored the p&l and westport districts visiting the rooftop park, brgr, the garment district, city market, and the town kansas bridge….all before driving to olathe to see our nephew and his parents.  you’d think it would have been a crazy exhausting morning and afternoon but it wasn’t.  it was actually pleasantly relaxed.  here are the highlights:

rooftop park – perhaps one of the city’s true hidden gems this unassuming park is decently spacious and surprising quiet.  while there only two other people visited giving us an opportunity to explore at our own pace without feeling crowded or rushed.  atop a parking garage it’s tucked between some of kc’s tallest buildings making it an ideal location for views of the city. 
brgr –  when we walked past this place we knew we’d have to go back for lunch.  burger joints are our jam.  and this one wasn’t short on options.  after several minutes of looking over the menu i settled on a massive salad and cody got a roadhouse burger with truffle fries – fries that had carson wanting more.
first french fry
the garment district – the concept: shop and sip.  this collective boutique features kc apparel and a variety of clothing for both men and women from other area stores as well as the cutest home decor and the best candles you’ve ever smelled!  featuring a full bar with ‘bubbles’ at $3 – deal and done!  i sipped a mimosa and looked around while the boys chilled on the couch.  the best part: for only $20 i got a super cute pair of sandals that will be perfect for this year’s boating season.

town of kansas bridge – located in the westport district close to the city market this bridge looks over the missouri river and is the city’s founding location.  according to a sign lewis and clark founded the location during their travels in 1804.  so for the rest of the weekend every place we visited was a part of the 1804 eestablishment…according to cody.  the bridge is filled with locks, significant for each who place them so we joined in the fun.  jokingly, these too, were a part of the 1804 establishment. ;o) 

nathan -after all of that we made it to uncle michael and aunt rachel’s house for a short play date.  while nathan was intrigued by carson, carson was intrigued by his toes.  he discovered them recently and now they are his favorite things to play with.  the day was fabulous so we soaked up the sun in their backyard and swang ‘in nathan’s bathtub’ – a phrase he has coined for all things ‘in tandem’ before heading back to our hotel.  during this visit we also managed a picture of the boys together – their first! – all was cute and cordial until carson went after nathan’s shirt at the very end.  (insert laughing so hard i’m crying emoticon) it was a great visit!!  
sarpino’s pizza and a luxurious bath – is it weird that we just wanted to eat pizza and drink beer in bed….at 7 PM?!  married life, with a babe.  we ordered from sarpino’s which was a hotel recommendation and it did not disappoint.  between order and delivery we gave the little one a bath and carried out his bedtime routine.  we were asleep before our movie ended, around 8:45ish.
yes, my baby has knee rolls 😛
roasterie cafe – before returning home on monday morning there was one more place i wanted to visit.  the roasterie.  i had wanted to checi it out ever since i saw that airplane from the interstate a few years back.  if you haven’t been to this place, are in the area and are a coffee addict like me i highly recommend it!  it’s the premier coffee spot in the city, primarily because of the air roasting process they use to create an exquisite cup of joe.  cody grabbed a breakfast sandwich and i enjoyed a latte with a cranberry orange score – both a dream! after that we toured around the facility and watched employees as they worked; i’ve always been uniquely interested in production (of anything, really!).  we snapped a few silly photos in their photo booth and then loaded up and headed north.

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