Friday, August 19, 2016

let’s be honest…


it’s time to get honest.  like really deep.  ok, not that deep.

since i started this blog i’ve had a number of people comment about how ‘perfect’ our family appears and occasionally i’ll get a #goals tag on my insta account.  while it makes me smile it also makes me feel like i’m not real.  like anybody,  i want to be perceived in a certain light but i’m not perfect and my life certainly isn’t perfect.  in fact i fear that at some point i’ll be unveiled as a fraud skating by on my good luck. it’s like that feeling you get when a cop is behind you.

don’t get me wrong i do have a beautiful life full of wonderful people and experiences but i need to share with you some of the ‘raw’ and unfiltered bits and pieces.  my guess is that your perception is not reality ;o)  here goes:

the opinions of others matter to me.   i’m more self-conscious than confident.

some of our pictures are staged – surprise!  i mean they come from genuine moments.  i’m just too slow to catch them so sometimes i ask for a reenactment.  obviously that’s not always possible with a dog and a baby on the go but my husband is usually a good sport.

carson rotates wear of the same 7 outfits to daycare.  why? because their easy, that’s why.

most of our pics are taken with an iphone and my husband gets annoyed whenever i ask ‘could you take picture?’ – i love pictures.

my best laid plans fall through more often than not….i’m getting better at rolling with it but it usually pisses me off.

my husband and i aren’t that affectionate monday – friday.  a kiss in the morning and always before bed but honestly we are just trying to survive the week most of the time. haha.

i listen to the eminem pandora channel at work, on fridays, just to make it through.
i darken my brows and wear false lashes.

i curse like a sailor.

our house is covered in dog hair 🙁 i could vacuum 7 days a week and it’d still be covered.  it makes me feel dirty.

if you see a food post on here or insta it’s because i made an effort that day – posting pb&j is boring and frankly, cooking is a thing of the past.

postpartum depression – been there, done that.

seriously i suck at packing a diaper bag!  i always seem to be missing 1 critical thing – wipes, formula, toys….so annoying!

without makeup i look 12

i could probably go on and on.
i certainly don’t have it all together.

i cry, i get mad, and most days i’m covered in spit and snot and white dog hair.  i nag my husband, i get frustrated by the little things

but this life is the one that suits me best.  it’s the good, the bad and the unpredictable…

and i wouldn’t have it any other way!

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