Friday, January 12, 2018

mama confessions : 2.0

it’s probably about time for another round of these.

if there’s one thing i never want to lose sight of with this whole blogging thing it’s my humility.  bloggers, myself included, often share about their lives in ways that make it appear as if everything is perfect. well let’s just get one thing straight – it’s not!  nope.  but why not feature and focus on the happy?! this series is intended to share those imperfect, ugly crying, oh-so-embarrassing moments with you because at the end of the day those are the moments that make us all human and keep us all connected on this crazy, dizzying journey that is life.

one.//  let’s start with these pictures.  oh my goodness!  it required two separate tries, like two separate days. + lots of frustration (from me).  my husband is the best. my kiddos are so cute at just being them.  my photog is bomb.  now if only the sun was out a little longer these days.  you fill in the blanks.

two.//  (another blow out story) i’ve been telling this story often and it’s about time i get it documented on here.  a couple of months ago i took the boys to church – solo.  not a big deal.  it had been a particularly trying week so i knew church would be good for my soul and i prayed that i would hear God’s message.  then, tatum pooped all over me.  like bright yellow, runny poop.  all over my dress and so loud that the kind man next to me turned to smile and said ‘we’ve all been there.’  as fast as i could manage we bailed.  i nearly wacked that same kind man in the head with the carseat that i was awkwardly holding as i juggled the diaper bag and tried to keep the babe over the giant yellow stain he created until we were in the narthex. a quick diaper change in the bathroom and an applesauce pouch for carson later and we were headed back home.

three.//  has anyone else discovered edible cookie dough….and managed eat the whole container themselves…within days?!  i just opened another.

four.//  i told cody i didn’t want anything for christmas after he bought me a new coat.  then i sent him a wishlist.  in my defense 1) most items were relatively inexpensive (except for the sneaks he actually bought) and 2) i didn’t buy them for myself as i christmas shopped #selfcontrol #kindof…..i just couldn’t help myself.

five.//  things we’ve said to our toddler in the past few weeks:

“we don’t saw people.”

“did you really just poop on the floor?!”

“you cannot touch the baby’s penis.”

two days ago – “please do not color on the baby.”

six.//  cody told carson to tell me i looked pretty the other day.  carson came into the bathroom pointed to my thigh and said something with such intent deliberation….i had no idea so asked him to repeat it.  he then pointed to a mole on my thigh and said the same thing.  cody asked if he told me i was pretty….um, yep.  something like that.

seven.// after a season hiatus i’m back to watching the bachelor and keeping up with the kardashians.  and dateline….balance.

eight.// i told my boss the other day that i’ve finally come out of my post-partum ‘mom fog’  i’m in employee and labor relations.  enough said.

nine.//  tatum is learning to crawl.  he goes backward pretty well but he’s still in that awkward coordination, excited humping/rocking, face first into the carpet lunge phase.  we make a big deal to celebrate these types of milestones and carson loves to get in on it.  he’s very supportive and enjoys being right there to encourage his little brother.  a few nights ago we told carson we needed him to give tatum some space to crawl.  then we asked carson if he could show tatum how to crawl and you know what – he performed the best ‘excited humping/rocking, face first into the carpet lunge’ crawl impersonation i’ve ever seen!  he is always paying attention….it’s what he knows to be crawling right now.  haha!

ten.//  i hate hair washing nights.  around christmas i literally went a week without washing my hair.  #skankstatus  thank goodness for dry shampoo or i would have been a total grease ball. it’s all the lather, wash, soak, lather, rinse, product, blow dry, product, style that makes me want to just cut it off or learn how to master a decent looking bun.

eleven.//  true story: we had a baby scare a few weeks back.   as in, i thought i was preggo.  nope. not at all. not even a little.  phew.

would love to hear your mama confessions!!


  1. Yes! Life is definitely NOT perfect! I get so frustrated with pictures, too. Multiple takes is just the norm 🙁

  2. What is this that you call edible cookie dough?! Ahh! Where has this been my whole life? Loving all of your cofessions mama, and you make that baby jogger stroller look so stylish.

  3. You are too cute, thank you for being honest. As a fellow blogger I really try and strive to be pretty honest with my life. I am okay that my life isn’t “picture perfect” we aren’t meant to be.

  4. NO matter how many attempts y’all made, the photos turned out perfectly! And we appreciate your honestly lol.

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