Wednesday, September 20, 2017

mommy must have : dock a tot

as a second time mom i’ve discovered along the way a few things that just work.  they are, in my opinion, no brainer purchases that you make and never look back.  dock-a-tot tops the list!

in all honesty if it weren’t for my mom, carson and tatum wouldn’t have half the baby products they do.  we have simply chosen not to spend much on things the boys will use for a short period of time and then be done.  some of that is sheer ignorance and a lot has to do with the price tag of baby things – #babiesaintcheap.  that said, when we found out we were expecting baby number two i felt good about what we had already but knew without a doubt that i wanted two things: a breathing monitor and a dock-a-tot.  after having a premature baby and being high risk for the same i knew those products would make life a little easier on baby boy’s already worn-down and extra anxious parents.

and so the dock arrived!

dock-a-tot is designed to safely cradle your babe so that they sleep snug as a bug – mimicking mom’s close quarters.  the design is intended to provide for quality sleep and is now being used in several NICUs around the country.  the only hesitation: the$185 price tag.  but then the baby slept.  what would you spend for several nights of quality sleep?!  and naps that last hours not minutes?! and the ability to move around your house with baby lounging safely?!

carson was a horrible sleeper from the time he came home until about 19 months old and even now he sometimes wakes in the night.  we tried EVERYTHING.  all of the sleep training methods and all of the books.  i believe it has a lot to do with the NICU environment and the constant interruptions – he just never got the hang of sleeping though the night.  in fact i often joke that he was the ‘7 hour baby’.  while most were sleeping 10-12 hour stretches he would cobble together 7 over the course of 3-4 naps at night.  he enjoyed being swaddled and with the swaddle we made some progress but once we dropped it he regressed horribly.  i wish we would have invested in the dock-a-tot then.  he literally woke 2-4 times a night – every night – for nearly a year and a half.  it was rough!

tatum on the other hand was born a good sleeper however he prefers feeling cozy AT ALL TIMES while snoozing.  he doesn’t mind sleeping in mama’s arms or in the boppy as long as there’s something close to his sides and definitely close to his arms.  for the first two months of his life he slept, swaddled, in his rock’n’play next to our bed.  that worked alright but i dreaded the incline fight when we transitioned to the crib.  then we got the dock.  it has been a game changer y’all!!!!  by just night TWO tatum was sleeping solid 7-8 hour stretches.  we’ve used it every night since it arrived a few weeks ago and for the first time in almost two years i feel like, despite having a small infant right next to me in bed, i’m actually getting quality sleep.  i’m trading the 50 shades of dark going on under my eyes and zombie-like state for the occasional decaf coffee and a lighter concealer.  this is no joke!

i can’t get over what a difference it has made!  the only downside:  we will most definitely be purchasing the grand dock-a-tot model {good for babies aged 9-36 months} once our little chunk-a-monk outgrows his current dock…in like two weeks {haha!}.

not only is it a safe place for our little guy to sleep it will make the transition from our bed to crib much easier and has already made a huge difference when traveling.  with a toy bar for play and 100% machine washable components it’s a must have for any mom!

so, would i recommend this for $185?  absolutely!!  in fact if you have been wavering over it – don’t!  get it here for a limited time at $10 off!  you WON’T regret it!


**this item was gifted in exchange for an honest review.  affiliate links are included. 


  1. That pic of the baby on the table in the doc a tot is priceless! It really shows how convenient this item is! I am seriously considering buying one of these if we have another, I’ve seen them around so much and they look so handy! Great review!

  2. Oh my! I would have so paid $185 for a nights, or a few hours even, of sleep when my son was little. He still isn’t a great sleeper and he’s 3 1/2!

  3. this is adorable! I love your pictures!

  4. Super cute and wow—how wonderful that Carson enjoys it so much that he’s resting! (and you are too!)

  5. Wow – I love hearing how well this works. i have a friend who struggles with her daughter sleeping through the night. I am definitely going to pass this on to her. i wish they had one for adult sizes so i could sleep that well 😉

  6. Yes! my girl loved the dock a tot for the first 4 months. It’s so cute and cozy!

  7. This is so cute! Sounds like a great product, too!

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