Thursday, October 5, 2017

mornings these days

5 AM. sometimes it’s 4:40 AM and other times it’s 5:15 AM but it’s not any later than 5:20 AM.

and from that time until the car seats are fastened it’s a mad dash, leaving in it’s dust a sudsy sink, breakfast crumbs and one wide-eyed and dazed puppy who just wants a treat.  some mornings are better than others and some just leave us so completely wiped that i’m still pepping myself up as i stroll into work 7 minutes late with a coffee stained top and a disheveled look on my face.  regardless, the routine is generally the same. we just hope and pray the babes sleep in a little and wake up in good spirits.  everaday.

our {typical} morning:

5 (ish) AM

my day usually starts with a snort.  that’s tatum’s way to communicate that an all-out cry is about to go down if he doesn’t get his milk.  i go warm the milk and get my pumping stuff pulled together.  cody soothes the babe best he can while still asleep until i make it back.  i simultaneously feed the babe and pump.

5:20 AM

with baby now full and comfortably sleeping – he always dozes during his first feeding of the day – i change into my workout gear and work it out for 20-25 minutes.  that’s it!  the max!  i’ve created a routine {more to come in a later post} that has worked for me.  it doesn’t require the use of the tv or weights and leaves me huffing and puffing every day.

5:50 AM

on a good day, if all goes well and i don’t ‘sleep in’ i’m jumping in the shower for a quick rinse before getting ready.

this is the golden hour.  if it’s the weekend this is the time i use to blog or do some quick chores around the house – sometimes i go back to sleep.  during the week i do as much as i can to get myself ready: make-up, iron/steam clothes, hair, jewelry, etc.  time after 6 AM is NOT guaranteed.

carson generally wakes anytime between 6 and 6:30 AM.

after he wakes we get him some milk and turn on mickey mouse.  if tatum’s awake and coo-ing he also gets to watch mickey mouse.  and as luck would have it they BOTH love mickey mouse and watch it with enthusiasm.  yes, even tatum.  whatever works! i continue getting ready and daddy hits the shower.

6:40 AM

by this time cody is usually able to take over breakfast duty and lets allie out.  we try to rotate what carson eats: eggs & applesauce, waffles & fruit, muffins & applesauce or oatmeal.  on weekends we have donuts unless daddy makes us french toast!  carson eats A LOT so we make sure we have more on hand at all times.  we keep it simple and it works for us; there’s really no time for meal prep unless carson sleeps in.  meanwhile, i wash and make the bottles, pack the diaper bag, cody gets ready, and tatum coos – mickey mouse keeps the babes company when mom and dad can’t.  thank you disney!

6:50 AM

once the bed is made {we make it} and we’re presentably dressed we each take a kiddo and get them changed.  goal always is to get out of the house fully clothed and clean.  i can’t even tell you how many times i’ve gotten in the car to leave without my shoes.  seriously!   dressing the boys is one of my favorite times of day and we make it last as long as the boys are happy.  it’s usually a family affair and carson is always eager to help.  allie just wants fed.

7:05 AM

time to pack lunches and load everyone in the car.  this part of our morning usually involves tears.  carson thinks daddy is leaving without him.  tatum is mad that he’s been put in the carseat.  allie still wants fed.

i make my coffee now and cody and i each grab something to eat on the go.

we feed allie.

7:20 AM

we are on the road.  phew!

anyone else worn out?!

…and then the rest of the day starts.

photo cred// ls photography


  1. i love this post! It is so cute how you did the morning recap with photos! I am also so impressed that you have heels on before 7am! Lol what a lovely little family! 💛

  2. This is a definite eye opener to a young adult who not yet has children! I really do admire your super multitasking skills!! Also your pictures are beautiful you are a lovely family 🙂

  3. Well I know I love my mornings and always have! 3:30 or 4am for me every day!

  4. I’m right there with ya, mama. I love these photos and the documentation og your everday life!

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