Tuesday, April 8, 2014

my fix: stitch fix review

one of my favorite monthly activities is visiting my hairstylist, Tiffany.  each time I go I learn some new handy hair trick, recipe, workout, or clothing fad.  we typically spend the whole time talking! 

at my march appointment Tiffany mentioned, very enthusiastically, that she had registered to try a new online shopping service: Stitch Fix.  (a name, no doubt intended to set the expectation that the service could be addicting.)  I was instantly intrigued.  that night I arranged for my fix.    

what an genius concept!  for just $20 per fix a personal shopper will assess your style preferences, shop for items specific to your style and ship them your way for arrival on a designated date of your choice.  at that point you have 5 days to decide what items you want to keep or ship back.  as a bonus a $20 credit, the $20 you paid to arrange for the fix, will be applied to your order’s total. pure genius! if only I had the entrepreneurial spirit to think this up. 

to get started I logged onto the site and completed my personal style profiler.  according to the site [the] Style Profile helps to get a sense of where your style is now and where you would like it to be. with questions like: how do you prefer your bottoms to fit; what’s your primary occupational dress; how would you characterize your preferred style; what do you prefer to flaunt – how could you not get excited?!  those who know me know I have a hard time making wise clothing purchases (I mean, I once bought neon shoes.  I don’t go to the club…who does that? WHO DOES THAT?!?!) so delegating that to a pro sounded good to me.  once your profile’s complete, schedule your fix’s arrival date and submit your payment information.  done.

April 1st was my fix date.  without fail the package arrived and I dug in.

here’s the loot!

check out this style tip card. it provides options for pairing each item with those you’d likely purchase or own.

here’s what I kept – love it!

check it out!  my only words of caution: this could get addicting.


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