Tuesday, September 5, 2017

my side hustle + GIVEAWAY

i’m not sure why but i rarely mention the fact that i’m a stella & dot stylist.  in fact, i often refer to myself as a ‘closet stylist’.  i occasionally hand out or mail lookbooks and depending on the product line will reach out to gals about hosting a trunk show but i’m not a pushy, sales-y person – it’s so not natural for me.  that’s why i don’t mention it much.  for me i simply LOVE the jewelry and love being able to share it with family and friends, if i think they’d like a certain piece.  so….when someone asked me the other day about why i started it got me thinking that it’d be a fun blog post.

my journey with stella & dot started 7 years ago when i was first exposed to the product line through a girlfriend at work.  i instantly fell in love with the design and quality of the pieces but will admit they were out of my price range at the time, or so i thought.  i found myself buying fun, cheap{er} and super trendy pieces that just didn’t last.  these days i’m into neutrals and timeless pieces that are infinitely versatile.  i’m big on QUALITY and don’t want to be making the same type of purchase several times.  in fact, these days i spend a whole lot less, total, on bags, clothes and jewelry.  why?! because i’m far more selective.  VERSATILITY and quality are my sticking points so i won’t buy something unless it checks those boxes.  stella & dot delivers on both! plus their pieces are forever on point!!  bonus!

when i found out i was expecting baby number two last fall i decided it was time to take my love for stella & dot to the next level since my ‘fun money’ funds were going to be greatly reduced.  i reached out to a friend who was already selling {very successfully} and was quickly introduced to her team as their newest stylist.  for $200 i figured i wouldn’t be out much if it didn’t work and if that were the case i’d at least end up with some amazing product.

as luck would have it i really like the gig and here’s why:

* accessorizing is the easiest and cheapest to participate in trends

*i earn free accessories year round including my one-of-a-kind engraveables, tops, LEATHER bags, and DIAMONDS {yes, diamonds!}

*sales are not my thing…and with stella & dot they don’t have to be!

*50% of the line is less than $50

*i get to have fun hanging out and meeting some amazing ladies while earning $$$

*there’s no mommy guilt for spending what i’ve earned or the nights away

*it’s SO EASY!  to sell, market, start, etc.  it literally only takes a couple hours a month!!

*the insane community of other #girlbosses – enough said

*and the best part: in less than a year {without much hustle} i’ve earned 10x the initial investment

 now don’t get me wrong HR is my passion and blogging is my #1 hobby but having this little side gig has given me so much more than a few extra bucks.

want some stella & dot for yourself??!  book an ONLINE qualifying* trunk show in september or october {by emailing stephanie.r.sobotka@gmail.com} and i’ll gift you this signature engraveable bar in either silver or gold.  i’ve worn my engraveable nearly everyday since carson’s birth and it’s one of my most cherished pieces!!

*for purposes of this promotion a qualifying show must have sold at least $600 in product.


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