Wednesday, January 24, 2018

toddler update : cts

i’ve been trying to decide on the frequency of carson boy updates since he turned two last fall.  i mean, eventually i’ll stop blogging updates ….um, maybe.  maybe when they’re in high school.  haha.  he’s still changing and growing at such a fast pace i’m dizzy trying to keep it all straight.  three months seemed appropriate.  so here we are – a toddler update.

time has been the greatest thief.  every time i look at you, ‘carson boy’, i am quickly reminded that you’re not my baby anymore; though you most definitely need me.  your becoming so independent and smart.  there are days i think to myself ‘how is this even possible?!’  our days have been packed since your birthday and now that the magical christmas dust has settled i’m realizing just how much you’ve changed.  you are getting so big!!  {but, you are such a peanut.}

your personality is known and you are bossy, little boyfriend!

constantly bossing in full sentences and expecting action immediately, that’s the name of your game:  ‘noooo, baby.’  ‘allie get in the back.’  ‘daddy sit up.’  ‘help!…please.’  ‘mommy! mickey mouse!’

you started sleeping in your big boy bed and made the transition so super easy on mommy and daddy.  now only if we could get you to stay in said bed until 6 am.

that’s right.  you are a morning person!  you bounce out of bed and skip happily down the hall demanding milk and mickey mouse all while making sure allie has her toys and usually after checking on the baby – this is typically in the 5 o’clock hour.
the other night dad caught you creepishly staring at mommy – you stand at eye level – while i slept.  he had rocked tatum and saw you sneak out of your room.  that was at 4.  that was after mommy had already gotten up with the baby and before the 5:15 alarm went off.  you keep us forever tired little one!
what’s a toddler update without mention of your independent nature?  you getting the greatest since of accomplishment and pride when you do something all on your own – like buckling your seat belt, putting away your toys or taking out the trash (yes, you do this!).
i can’t get over your ‘chase you, mommy’ s and ‘meee wanna haaalllp’ s.
you are ornery.  so ornery in fact we were told you are the only one at daycare that climbs the fence and you think it’s hilarious when mommy tells you ‘no’ or when you pull on my hair and get an ‘ouch’.
you love to help.  you’re very good at taking dishes out of the dishwasher, helping to get our shoes, hats and gloves in the morning, and putting silverware on the table before we eat.
just like mom you are very a-type.  things have a place and in their place is where they go.  this i love and appreciate so much about you!!
recently at grandma’s you were playing with the car rug and setting all of the tracters and trucks on the mat.  you wanted mommy to sit and play.  or so i thought.  when i started to move one of the tractors you said ‘don’t touch mommy’ and with your hand waving me away in a downward motion you instructed me to put the tractor down right where it was before.  then moved it to precisely where you wanted it.  when i asked to play with one of the cars you looked over the mat (covered by tractors, trucks, and other various farm equipment) and chose a very small jeep for mommy.  oh carson!
you remember to take your ‘vites’ most nights and have been so good about brushing your teeth daily.
you can put on your own gloves, hat, socks and zip your jacket.
i’ve caught you playing pretend on a number of occassions and can’t wait to listen in as your imagination continues to grow.
being the sweet boy you are, you always ask if we’re ok (usually after daddy groans or sneezes) and are quick to tell us ‘i ok’ after you fall, trip, or sneeze yourself.
books are your favorite.  you want to read at all times.  even when we are trying to scramble out of the house.  mommy usually tries to read them completely the right way but daddy makes up his own lines.  it won’t be long before you figure it out.
aunt rachel recently got you a book about cars.  you like the motor home and more specifically the potty.  it’s the first page you turn to every time!
you love to sing songs and listen to music.
you are counting to five and know a few colors.  your favorite color is yellow.  EVERYTHING is yellow.
you got glasses recently and your daycare girlfriend commented that they were ‘soooo cute’.  they are so cute!  you’ve been so good about wearing them!  they are a part of who you are.
your nicknames at daycare are sobotka and smalls. and i’ve seen you answer to both.  haha!
i’m always curious what thing you’ll say or do next.  you are so silly and make us laugh every day.  you are also testing us in new ways as parents which is forcing mommy and daddy to stretch and grow.  you are exploring your world with vigor and we’ve learned that you are always paying attention.

i can always count on you to find a pacifier.  even when i think they are missing and it’ll keep you occupied while i finish a thing you manage to find one in 3.7 seconds and come running to jam it in tatum’s mouth.
tatum loves watching you but gets a little like ‘yo, bro.  know it off.’  when you touch him.  i can’t blame him your touches go from sweet hugs, kisses and pats to tugs, pulls and squashing in the blink of an eye.
your spontaneous hugs and kisses and i love yous are the absolute best!  there’s just something about your baby boy giving you lovins that just makes you a puddle.  you are the perfect blend of sweet and salty and can stop growing any minute, monkey man!  this toddlerhood thing is exhausting and fun and every bit as entertaining as they say.  i can’t even wrap my mind around all of the ways you’ve changed in such a short amount of time – until the next post i’ll continue to take about 6874 pictures and hope i capture the ‘moments’.
toddler update photo dump // cts
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

milk money – how we’ve cut corners since baby #2

am i the only one who still remembers having to bring a quarter for an extra milk?!

funny thing is, i don’t even drink milk anymore.  guess i got my fill in elementary.

when we found out we were expecting our second bundle there were certainly moments of sheer joy and others of ‘oh, sh*t’.  we were in the middle of our home build, i was looking at another position and our oldest hadn’t even turned one.  then we started to consider the financials.  yuck!  sure, babies don’t have to be expensive but if you haven’t made the choice {nor desire} to stay home those daycare costs can really add up!

i consider myself frugal, not cheap – there’s a difference – so here are the top areas  we’ve either chose to scale back or be a little more penny-wise without sacrificing quality or quality of life.

Let’s start with the three biggest baby costs:

childcare –  our center offers a discount for multiple kiddos – you better believe we took advantage of that.  it kind of cracks me up!  just like retail, only it’s more like: have more, save more.   we are also utilizing our ‘vacation time’ days to reduce costs on days we are home with the kids anyway (dr. appts., birthdays etc.) – this saves us up to $70 a month + we max our flex spending account each year!  huge pre-tax savings!!  we don’t have much family in the area so if we want to go out we either trade childcare with our close friends who have kiddos the same age or ask our parents for planned nights before hiring a sitter.  in short: we don’t go on many solo dates.

diapers – i’ve tried just about everything and sampled several brands because they were free and because carson has sensitive skin.  i’ve settled on the target up&up brand.  they work really well for my little guys and save us roughly $10-20 a month + we often buy in bulk and get target gift cards on bundled purchases.  whoop!

formula – breastfeeding both my boys (even though i’ve exclusively pumped most of the time) has been a huge cost saver!  it’s a labor of love in my opinion and i, for one, have a love-hate relationship with it.  i will only need to supplement with tatum for a few months before moving to milk so I’ve asked the ped clinic for formula samples of the same brand i used on carson and have LOADS of formula in our pantry.  with any luck we shouldn’t need to buy any more.

then there are the other things:

food – did you know sam’s club offers discount memberships for expecting moms?!  me either.  until we signed up.  we’ve actually saved quite a bit by shopping there on a monthly basis.  we’re selective and i crowd-sourced the best deals before going crazy.   i’m also religious with meal-planning and only buy what we need.  it’s worked great since having carson!  we don’t dine out much and even when we do we prefer sport’s bars or sub shops.

clothes – where do i start?!  i’ve identified a few ways i prefer to save for each of us but there are lots more.  i definitely love dressing our family in current trends but also recognize i spend in this category more than most.  it’s a personal choice.  i’m also more inclined to spend more for something if it’s great quality, timeless and versatile.  so what do i do to save:

for me// bottomline: i spend less – aka #momguilt aka #lackoftime.  i’ve cut back my personal clothing spend by lots.  i’ve instead focused on buying more/earning more ;o) accessories and plain pieces that work well for both work and my momiform.  i layer jackets for work and spend little on items i’ll wear once.  (you guys!  i just scored a formal for an upcoming event for $38!!!  ah-may-zing buy!) i also co-sign.  this year alone i’ve co-signed and earned $300 from things i’ll never wear or carry again now that i’m a mom.  the move into our house was motivation to clean out my closet.  i used that money to invest in things i needed for my new job like a raincoat, blazer and flat booties.

for the boys// i either buy second-hand, with gift cards, or from small shops.  i rarely buy them anything brand new unless it’s for a special occasion and even then it may be second-hand.  i co-sign here too and use my credit to buy things as the need arises – like spare snow pants for daycare or more sleepers for tatum because he’s

for cody// he couldn’t care any less.  he just wants to be dressed appropriately.  i buy him things for special occasions or as needed.  every now and then i drag him to the store to shop – with a coupon.  it’s a delight, lemme tell ya.

target – after several asks at the cash register i finally signed up for the dang card.  it’s linked to my checking account and it saves me 5% each trip, even at the starbucks!  i also get bundles of coupons each quarter that i actually use…..and since we all know my affinity for target it’s also a no-brainer.  i also limit the number of trips i make.  if i don’t go i’m not tempted – and i’m tempted by nearly everything they carry.  lately i’ve only gone twice a month…and still feel like i need an intervention.  haha!

collaborations – not many of you have this as an option but if you do – work it!  the blog has allowed me to collaborate on so many products in exchange for reviews that i would’ve had to buy otherwise.  even when companies reach out i only collaborate on items i actually want or would use frequently.

experiences – living rich in experiences vs. things has been a mind shift.  we are putting money away for a big vacation (hopefully next year) while also planning for a few smaller family and mommy/daddy only getaways in 2018.  we stay home a lot more now and rarely go out so that frees up more to spend on the mini getaways that we have planned so that we enjoy them fully.

here’s me being incredibly open about our financials…..gulp:

cody and i look at our budget frequently.  i’ve become uniquely (and annoyingly) aware of my spending habits and trends.  we can pay all of the necessary expenses on just 1 income (it would be super-duper tight if we had to, but we could).  we live within our means yet are still able to give a little something to our church.  we put plenty into retirement, have fantastic health insurance, cars that (while they aren’t flashy) are well maintained and a new home.  we are very fortunate but have also worked very hard.  we don’t get lavish gifts and we aren’t getting any assistance.  budgeting stinks but we’re committed to it.  i’m not going to lie and say it’s easy.  i want SO.MANY.THINGS. (especially for the house) it’s dumb.  being a mom has been the best budget incentive.

how are you cutting corners??  i would love to know!

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Friday, January 12, 2018

mama confessions : 2.0

it’s probably about time for another round of these.

if there’s one thing i never want to lose sight of with this whole blogging thing it’s my humility.  bloggers, myself included, often share about their lives in ways that make it appear as if everything is perfect. well let’s just get one thing straight – it’s not!  nope.  but why not feature and focus on the happy?! this series is intended to share those imperfect, ugly crying, oh-so-embarrassing moments with you because at the end of the day those are the moments that make us all human and keep us all connected on this crazy, dizzying journey that is life.

one.//  let’s start with these pictures.  oh my goodness!  it required two separate tries, like two separate days. + lots of frustration (from me).  my husband is the best. my kiddos are so cute at just being them.  my photog is bomb.  now if only the sun was out a little longer these days.  you fill in the blanks.

two.//  (another blow out story) i’ve been telling this story often and it’s about time i get it documented on here.  a couple of months ago i took the boys to church – solo.  not a big deal.  it had been a particularly trying week so i knew church would be good for my soul and i prayed that i would hear God’s message.  then, tatum pooped all over me.  like bright yellow, runny poop.  all over my dress and so loud that the kind man next to me turned to smile and said ‘we’ve all been there.’  as fast as i could manage we bailed.  i nearly wacked that same kind man in the head with the carseat that i was awkwardly holding as i juggled the diaper bag and tried to keep the babe over the giant yellow stain he created until we were in the narthex. a quick diaper change in the bathroom and an applesauce pouch for carson later and we were headed back home.

three.//  has anyone else discovered edible cookie dough….and managed eat the whole container themselves…within days?!  i just opened another.

four.//  i told cody i didn’t want anything for christmas after he bought me a new coat.  then i sent him a wishlist.  in my defense 1) most items were relatively inexpensive (except for the sneaks he actually bought) and 2) i didn’t buy them for myself as i christmas shopped #selfcontrol #kindof…..i just couldn’t help myself.

five.//  things we’ve said to our toddler in the past few weeks:

“we don’t saw people.”

“did you really just poop on the floor?!”

“you cannot touch the baby’s penis.”

two days ago – “please do not color on the baby.”

six.//  cody told carson to tell me i looked pretty the other day.  carson came into the bathroom pointed to my thigh and said something with such intent deliberation….i had no idea so asked him to repeat it.  he then pointed to a mole on my thigh and said the same thing.  cody asked if he told me i was pretty….um, yep.  something like that.

seven.// after a season hiatus i’m back to watching the bachelor and keeping up with the kardashians.  and dateline….balance.

eight.// i told my boss the other day that i’ve finally come out of my post-partum ‘mom fog’  i’m in employee and labor relations.  enough said.

nine.//  tatum is learning to crawl.  he goes backward pretty well but he’s still in that awkward coordination, excited humping/rocking, face first into the carpet lunge phase.  we make a big deal to celebrate these types of milestones and carson loves to get in on it.  he’s very supportive and enjoys being right there to encourage his little brother.  a few nights ago we told carson we needed him to give tatum some space to crawl.  then we asked carson if he could show tatum how to crawl and you know what – he performed the best ‘excited humping/rocking, face first into the carpet lunge’ crawl impersonation i’ve ever seen!  he is always paying attention….it’s what he knows to be crawling right now.  haha!

ten.//  i hate hair washing nights.  around christmas i literally went a week without washing my hair.  #skankstatus  thank goodness for dry shampoo or i would have been a total grease ball. it’s all the lather, wash, soak, lather, rinse, product, blow dry, product, style that makes me want to just cut it off or learn how to master a decent looking bun.

eleven.//  true story: we had a baby scare a few weeks back.   as in, i thought i was preggo.  nope. not at all. not even a little.  phew.

would love to hear your mama confessions!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

two thousand seventeen


what can i say, it was a year.  a year of change.  lots and lots of change.

every year seems to get a little more crazy, a little more busy and with it brings new challenges.  after a somewhat melancholy christmas day holiday that left me feeling anything but merry and bright i’m reminded in this post and through our pictures of what an amazing year and life we created in 2017.  there were so many high highs and some bumps in the road but what’s life without a few ups and downs?!

i can’t say it was our best year ever but it was pretty dang good.


the year started cold – as they usually do in iowa – so we ventured to the library (a first for carson) and made sure to capture a few bump pictures as i entered the second tri.


we found out that our baby was another little boy and i was already day dreaming of a bunked bedroom and years of legos, twinning duds, and toy cars for my little men.  carson also came down with rsv and landed back in the hospital for another week long stay almost one year to the day from the year prior. #preemielungs #scary and that next week i started at isu.


we capitalized on the lingering snow and took some fun maternity pictures in the cold.  then, because of our cabin fever and being stuffed in a small apartment for far too long, we took carson to the circus on the wettest, rainiest spring day.  he loved it!


we were homeless….then we moved!!  finally!  and just in time for easter.  since the move we’ve added a concrete patio, sod, window treatments and cody has partially finished the basement – texture, paint and carpet and we’re done!!!!!  we have been busy!


we spent several weekends waiting on baby.  we visited the zoo (carson’s first trip), took several walks, had carson’s 18 mo. pictures taken and even got the boat out a couple of times.  tatum matthew arrived on the sunday before memorial day at 7:02 AM.  he was absolutely perfect!


despite having just had a baby we were on the move.  we attended a state championship soccer game – a first for us all – to watch cody’s cousin, took in a local minor league baseball game (knowing we wouldn’t make a brave’s game this year), cody got a hole-in-one (first in ames golf league history), got the boat out lots more and had a newborn photoshoot at home.

more water.  that’s just what we do.  we were regulars at the pool and then traveled as a family of four to lake tahoe, ca.  it was an amazingly beautiful place and i cannot wait to go back!


mommy went back to work – with mixed emotions – and we settled back into our new routine.  the boys were dedicated at our church in this year’s celebration sunday and then we lunched after.  it was a gorgeous day that i’ll not soon forget.


i embraced fall so much this year and then watched our weekends slip away with one calendared item after another.  a visit with thomas the train, a wedding, a weekend away for mommy and daddy’s anniversary and a trip to kc were the highlights.


we only got to the pumpkin patch once this year as a family.  it was everything and more.  we also enjoyed the sobotka nationals, celebrated carson’s second birthday and went out for a memorable first halloween trick-or-treating experience.  loved every minute of october!


while daddy worked on the basement mommy took the boys for their 2 year and 6 month pictures on a chilly fall day.  we finished carson’s big boy room and transitioned him to his own bed then traveled for thanksgiving.


daddy went hunting and mommy shopped for the first half of the month.  then it was all christmas, all the time.  the boys met santa and had their pictures snapped so many times carson now has his ‘cheese’ down.  we spent another three weekends on the road and were wiped come NYE.

though not one for resolutions i plan to do more of the following in 2018.

:: sleep ::

:: hold my babies ::

:: continue to challenge myself to love without expectation ::

:: slow down and stay home ::

 happy new year and thanks for following!!!