Thursday, January 4, 2018

tatum matthew : seven months

started from the womb and now you’re here!  haha. seven months here!

i’m in complete disbelief but then again i always am when i sit down to capture these milestone posts.  if i could stop time i would do it right now – this very minute –  with both you and carson – these ages have been so much fun.  and seven months baby is just i can’t handle it!!!

no doctor updates though we know you continue to climb the charts and aside from a stuffy nose you’ve been a healthy boy.  thank goodness!

the past month has been one for the books with all things christmas all over our radar.  it’s been nonstop christmas pjs, cartoons, and yummy treats.  yet you do what you do best and roll with it all – happily chewing on whatever you can get those chunky fingers on.

sleep//  ugh.  i really wish i knew where we went wrong.  you went from being the best sleeper to being up once or twice a night – demanding cuddles and often nothing more.  you will not go back to sleep most nights unless it’s in one of our arms.  not that it’s all that bad but it doesn’t make for a good night’s sleep for mommy and daddy.  and for the past week you’ve been stuffed up with a cold meaning that waking two or three times a night has become our new norm.

personality// i’ve already commented about how easy going you are and that hasn’t changed.  you are also uniquely aware of anything your brother is doing and want nothing more than to be in on it all.  if he has something, you want it too.  the exact same thing.  it’s already causing issue. ;o) you’re our little ‘surfer dude’ and seem to take this big, crazy world in stride.

looks//  a thicker patch of peach fuzz tops your noggin these days.  you have the longest little fingers and look so much more like mommy’s side of the family than daddy’s.

development// still not rolling.  actually you may be outright protesting the roll but you will work those legs in ways that force your bottom up off the ground when you’re in tummy time.  you are strong little man!  you sit with relative ease and are fine-tuning your pincer grab.  you also like to tip buckets of toys and reach far to grab whatever it is you want – usually one of carson’s toys or mommy’s phone.  you can see far and recognize your name.  musical toys are of particular interest and i’ve caught you watching our mouths recently.  it won’t be long before you’re imitating our sounds and spouting off a few words.

eats//  what an exciting month!  you’ve had all sorts of baby food and now actually prefer it over your breast milk.  i’ll continue to pump but i’m thinking our days are coming to an end which is most definitely bittersweet.  you also get frustrated at times when fed because you prefer to hold the spoon.  it’s a favorite so i’ve gotten in the habit of having a spare nearby, easy for the  grabbing.

loves//  baby food. toes. daddy.  carson’s toys.  bath time.  attention.

firsts//  visiting santa claus.  christmas jams.  holiday mickey mouse cartoons.  a mega bubble bath.  christmas morning.

that bro bond// it really is something.  carson like to ‘wiggle, wiggle, wiggle’ your legs like mommy and daddy, feed you, ‘carry you’, sit really, extra close next to you at meal time, put your dirty diapers in the pail and fetch us new ones.  he still calls you ‘brudar soboka’ and asks for you every morning.  he’s also starting to play with you and give you toys.  and i do believe he even wants you around – like all the time.  you do get a little fluster when he gives you long, heavy hugs but also squeal in delight when he comes close to ‘play’.

other bits and pieces

you reach for carson’s toys even when you have a pile at your feet easy for the taking.

you have the fullest belly laughs and especially find it hilarious when we tickle your neck with our own face as we make funny noises.  then you hiccup for the next 15 minutes.

this past month you were introduced to the snot sucker.  you are not friends.  and won’t be.  period.

those big blue eyes can make you smile no.matter.what.

can we just talk about those motorcycle arms that never quit?!  you hold your arms our and twist those hands as if you’re revving up your ride and it cracks me up.  you do it when you’re most excited.

you can sit really well but occasionally tip over in excitement when someone comes near – you look up and up and up and then bonk!  you go down but then we set you back up and you are oh so happy again.

legs. you love diaper changes and get them going like crazy once the pants and diaper come off..  you are SO expressive through your legs.

so chunky – one of these days i know those rolls won’t be note worthy and a single chin will appear and all that baby fluff I brag about will be gone and I’ll miss ‘em.

what is it about this sweet seven month baby stage that makes me want about 5 more babes?!

oh baby boy.  i am loving everything about you right now!  i can’t get over how smitten i am with being a mommy this second time around.  this is my favorite baby age!  watching you learn and grow and experience the world around you brings me unparalleled joy.  it’s just the best.  you continue to brighten our days with your easy demeanor and endless smiles.  our cups are forever full!  we love, love, love you sweet baby!

s e v e n month photo dump

so grainy and no makeup but might be one of my favorite pictures this month!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

christmas 2017

how is it that christmas has come and gone?!  it was such a blur.  we bounced from house to house for a few days, were overwhelmed with trucks, books and things that ‘go’.  we spent several hours a day in our jams and even fought awful viruses, colds and an ear infection.  aside from all the ‘sick’ that plagued us it was an alright holiday with loads of family time!

after being super sick for days – even getting fluids in the ER – i recovered just in time for sugar cookie baking and to play santa claus friday night.  let me tell you, it might be the coolest job ever!  we celebrated our ‘christmas morning’ on christmas eve’s eve this year and couldn’t wait for carson to wake up and see the train set santa left and his stocking so full!  he’s so into opening packages right now so he happily helped tatum with his too.

the choo-choo jumped the tracks to the new car play mats and the o-ball car was cleaned with a solid stream of slobber all by 7:30 am saturday morning.  i reheated my coffee and daddy picked up all the colored paper then heated the garage.  we ate our french toast bake, found the gator and slowly made our way out the door to my mom’s.

we celebrated there next with all of my brothers and sister, their families and our niece.  my mom is just a bit over the top with christmas gifting and went crazy on the boys – it’s her thing but causes me so much angst.  we played an adult christmas game while the kiddos played and tatum slept.  after that we loaded our sleepy crew into the car for a short trip to cody’s parents where we posted up for the rest of the weekend.  …and because sharing is caring – cody was starting to get sick.

christmas eve morning started extra slow and we were grateful for uncles {+ daddy} to play, sled, tease and fix all the ‘uh oh, it’s broke’ things that really aren’t broke at all but need repaired 546 times.  cody slept in a little and i slowly sipped my coffee and chatted with my mother-in-law.  that afternoon we ventured over to the great grandparents for more presents and good eats.  the plan was to attend church was somewhere in the middle and then go back before heading back to his parent’s for a few christmas stories and bed.

{a little blurry but oh so cute! thanks uncle matt for the great picture!}

christmas eve service has always been one of my favorite parts of the entire holiday.  i always look forward to the songs, story and candlelight.  this year we barely left as a family unit and forget about enjoying the service.  the boys completely fell apart – carson didn’t even make it in and tatum lost his mind in about 5 minutes.  cody and i retreated to the play room and desperately tried to soothe our usually happy little guy.  afterward we played with the church bell and carson ran wild.  i literally wanted to crawl in a hole.  cody wasn’t feel well at all by this point and was on edge.  we barely managed to get the boys in their makeshift beds before he crashed and i sulked over a bowl of chili and a cookie his mom brought back.

the next day started any way but merry.  cody was down for the count and i was flying solo on very little sleep and two very whiney, very sleepy babes.  i cried at least twice and then a third time when i changed a super runny diaper thinking the boys were going to get the same bug cody and i were/had been fighting.  we waited for his sister and their kids to arrive so that we could eat and open gifts.  it seemed like an eternity!

 we ate lunch, cody joined us for about 10 minutes then went back to bed, and made a plan for the afternoon.  gifts were postponed until after naptime and i text my mom that i’d be attending our large family christmas that night solo with the boys.  thank goodness for supportive and understanding family.  after naps things really started to turn around!!

this year we decided to do a gift exchange instead of buying gifts for everyone in cody’s family and it made it so much more fun.  we ended up with both nathan and julia – i just love buying for my little nieces!  it was fun to see what everyone gifted then i surprised all of the girls with a home-y gift that my brother-in-law created.  it felt like a marathon day!  and then the boys and i headed out for a couple hours.

i took only one picture at my extended family christmas and it’s one of my all time favs of my uncle with carson – twinning in their glasses!  it was so good to see my family, if even for a short period.  and knowing that it may be the last christmas we make it to for the next several years i made sure to indulge in my aunt’s strawberry dessert and let them care for the boys while i lounged and chatted.

the next day, after lunch, we loaded our crew {+ all the new things} and headed home.  the days that followed were lazy, snowy and cold.  i played with my babes and let cody work on some of his projects.  we hosted a few friends for the new year and napped on new year’s day. it wasn’t the holiday break i had envisioned and it certainly had its share or up and downs but it’s our season of life and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

christmas-y things

i am SO into christmas this year.   and it’s 110% the boys’ fault!  haha.  i am giddy with excitement for our own family celebration in just a few DAYS!  for our small crew we are down to the single digits.  eeek!

with all of my christmas shopping – well 95% of it anyway– done online i freed up a ton of time this year and have spent it trying to make room for some fun holiday activities now that carson is old enough to enjoy them.  i don’t know if christmas is better as a kid or with kids but it is so so good right now.  and for the next several years i know we are in the sweet spot where the magic of the season is something we’ll get to experience through the world of our littles in ways i can’t even predict and it has me feeling all sorts of happy.

curtesy of my camera roll here are {just} five christmas-y things i’m loving this year.

one.  gifts!  we all know that’s not the reason for the season but i love this time of year for the giving!  while they’re not my love language i absolutely love gifting!  i take a lot of pride in finding the perfect gift and surprising others with something unexpected.  obviously buying for the boys this year was my fav!  this year’s packages started to flood in just after black friday.  needless to say the ups guy and i will be on a first name basis before the month ends.

two.  pancakes + santa.  a neighboring community hosted a pancake breakfast with santa so my girlfriend and i took our babes. somehow we managed a conversation while being completely outnumbered.  cracks me up every time!  gotta love that mom bond!  the kids wrote letters to santa, sat on his lap, made reindeer food and ate their weight in pancakes.  tatum got all kinds of lovins and was not at all intimidated by the big man.

three.  festive coffee.  i am {unintentionally} in the process of curating a rather large collection of holiday mugs for my coffee and am convinced it tastes better coming out of a cheery red and white cup.  ;o)

four.  a gingerbread house.  carson’s first.  definitely more successful than cody or i thought.  it isn’t in a pile and looks like a house so that alone was a huge win.  carson seemed to really enjoy the activity {and cookie} as a break in his busy afternoon of play.

five.  christmas cards.  they might be my favorite bits of mail this time of year.  i’m always anxious to see who sends theirs first and have really enjoyed creating our own and seeing the changes from year to year.  they’re a nice reminder of how richly blessed we are with such great friends and family.  right now their home is on the breakfast bar, next to the gingerbread house.  next year i plan to actually display upright, maybe on the cabinets – what do you do??

Friday, December 8, 2017

tatum matthew : six months

when you have a baby the years don’t start in january.  they start once the baby’s born.  this year started in may and it’s already half over.  half!  6 months!  182 days!  it’s been a blur but dang has it been good.  simply put: you are the bomb diggity baby bro!!!

your round belly and thighs are out of control and i can’t get enough of all that squish!  we took you in for your 6 month appointment this month and weren’t at all surprised by your stats:

Weight: 20 lb. 1 oz. (88%) //height: 26″ (19%)  //head: 43.5 cm (51%)

you’re wearing a few six month pieces but we are transitioning into 9 and 6-12 month everything else along with moving up to size 4 diapers; contemplating size 5 – same as carson! it would make shopping easy.

routine// this past month you went through a period of waking several times a night and it was awful….for daddy.  he’s been such a trooper, waking with you nearly every single night/time and letting mommy take the early morning shift.  we’ve cut you down to one small night feed and that has helped tremendously.  aside from sleep your ‘schedule’ looks pretty much the same and your routine hasn’t changed a bit.  we do bath and bed at the same time every night and m-f you go to daycare.  the structure for all of us over the past few weeks has been a nice constant.

nicknames// i have new ones for you every month.  lately it’s t baby, my little squish and wiggle.  carson refuses to call you by your first name but he now calls you ‘brudar soboka’ or ‘baby soboka’.

personality// you are the chilliest little dude.  seriously!  you are most expressive through your eyebrows and legs.  your full belly giggles are some of my favorites and it’s rare that you are upset.  unless you’re tired, hungry or needing a change you just happily play with your toys and lap up all of the attention we all pour over you.

development// this month you discovered your toes and boy was that a good day!  toes are a definite favorite though you can barely get them courtesy of your round belly.  you’ve also become an assisted sitter.  one day i walked into daycare and there you were sitting up like a big boy.  you’re still a little wobbly but you’d prefer sitting over tummy time any day.  and because of it we haven’t been as good about getting that darn tummy time in.  you’ll do anything to make noise so this part of the update wouldn’t be complete with a mention of your new found ability to bang – your hands on the high chair or your toys together– you just love to hear the sound it makes or how you study our mouths.  it won’t be long before you’re imitating us.

eats//  you are moving on to the good stuff!  this month you tried and loved rice cereal, oatmeal, squash and bananas.  i’m not a blw mama but know other moms to have lots of luck with it.  we just roll with the punches around our place so next up is avocado and apple.  if that goes well over the next month we’ll start chopping up tiny bits of other solids and ease into some blw.  i hear it makes life a little easier when traveling so we’ll give it a whirl – tatum loves his food so i’m sure he’s down!

loves//  peek-a-boo, bath time, banging to make noise, sitting/being in the action, milk, TOES!

firsts//  unfortunately you experienced your first ear infection and diaper rash, it always makes mommy sad when her babies are sick and i hated seeing your usual happy-go-lucky self so fussy.  you also experienced halloween and thanksgiving.  i think it’s safe to say you napped nearly both away but that was just fine – we got plenty of pictures.

other bits and pieces

you kick, squeal and stretch in excitement when you hear the bath water running – it’s the cutest thing.  then when we place you in your bath seat you refuse to lean back until it’s suitably warm.  daddy jokes about you ‘flexing your biceps’ while you lean up waiting.

allie smells and licks your face– probably for dribbles of dried milk – and you take it like a champ only raising an eyebrow here and there when that nose tickles your face.

washing under those chins, and between those rolls – good lord! they go on for days.

when carson comes around you raise your eyebrows in curiosity and get the biggest eyes when he gets close.  it’s clear he continues to put you on edge and after getting a tractor chucked at your head i don’t blame you – that incident ended in three sets of tears (yours, carson’s, and mine).

despite all of that he does make it a point to help you get toys and is your #1 fan when it comes to tummy time.  in fact he prefers to lay with you and roll you over then cheer loudly that ‘you did it’.

no teeth yet though you are still drooling like no other.

eating is your jam.  you’ve got the whole spoon feeding thing down.  when it comes near, barely out of the bowl, you get that mouth going and goggle it up.

over the past month you kicked the pacifier.

we are trying to find the thing that will soothe you in the night while you continue to out grow that annoying – i can’t control these arms – stage.  you hate to be swaddled tight but also don’t like it when your arms get going.

tatum, our world is so much brighter with you in it!  you could keep me awake all night to the point of tears and then it takes only one look with those big blue eyes and i am a puddle – willing to do it all over again, and do.  you make this whole baby thing look easy and i’m so excited to see what the next 2-3 months bring.  this stage is my absolutely favorite baby stage!  we are soaking up every ounce of you in ways you don’t even know.  your giggles and sweet spirit bring us so much joy.  happy half birthday baby boy!!

s i x month photo dump