Tuesday, October 20, 2015

pregnancy update: 33 weeks

when i found out we were expecting back in march the thought of actually having a baby by the end of the year seemed eternally far and almost whimsical.  as the realities of pregnancy became more apparent i’ve settled into a state of what i’ll call severe ‘to-do-ery.’  now with the months winding down and our due date drawing near i’m relishing every last minute of free time with my husband and for myself. 

while we’ve made progress in getting ready to be first time parents we’ve also made it a point in the last month to do things for ourselves, when time permits.  we’ve gone on a few fall dates, focused a little more on work so that the transition to time away is easier, started and finished a few projects in the house, spent personal time doing something we each enjoy, taken long walks at night, and have been more lazy than normal during the week.

as for the babe – he’s been far more active this past month!  he stretches, rolls, and moves as he sees fit and is more responsive to various stimuli these days.  he has fairly consistent sleep and wake patterns and has moved down into the birthing position.  according to the doctor he is ‘very’ low and there is no expectation that he’ll move from where he’s at until he makes his world debut.  

employees at our city outing thought the bump needed a picture with cy ;o) 
here’s what else:


more and more uncomfortable – my feet swell from time to time, i am constantly in the bathroom, and my hips ache most days and nights these days.

tired – between leg cramps and bathrooms visits throughout the night my quality of sleep has seriously deteriorated.  i should also mention here that every time i wake so too does the dog.  she is doing a great job of preparing us for a newborn.

accomplished – we only have a few details left in the nursery (look for a post soon). all of the necessities have been purchased and our to-do list is dwindling. 


i’ve grown tired of oatmeal for breakfast so i’m craving something equally as satisfying that doesn’t take more than a few minutes.  nothing sounds good…yet.

comfort food favs: chili, tortilla soup, pot roast…


nada – although the nausea and vomiting have returned 🙁

daddy update: 

i think it’s fair to say that in the past month cody has really gotten on-board with the whole baby thing.  while work is still busy for another couple weeks it seems the baby is coming to the forefront more often; in conversation, in his dreams, even in his free time.  this month there’s a lot to share on dad:

1) a couple of weekends ago on our way to the birthing class he shared that he had a dream about the baby.   while he confirmed it was a boy and it was a newborn there was no mention of me in the dream (i wanted to know if this dream would elude to any birthing premonitions).  he did note however, that the baby had ‘reddish blonde hair with a bald spot in the middle of his head and was initially quite cute’.  apparently later in the dream the baby was not as cute….

2) cody has also been quick to share tidbits of the knowledge he gathered from the birthing class.  when i first asked him what he learned he mentioned only that ‘this whole labor thing could take awhile’ and that he hopes he doesn’t pass out.   to date he’s commented on my ‘nesting’, clumsiness, and reactions to some of the labor relief options.  i appreciate his light-heartedness…at least for now.  

3) finally, on a recent morning off he decided to put together and test out all the new baby gear.  this made me super excited since i haven’t pressed him much about doing those things.  we got out the car seat, the rocker-sleeper, high chair, and monitor. 
living in:

all out maternity clothing!  surprisingly enough i haven’t gotten so big that i’m extremely limited.  i still have what i consider a full wardrobe of options and so many fall accessories!!!

longing for:

not pregnancy related at all but, i’d like some consistent, cool, crisp autumn weather.

a full night of uninterrupted sleep. 

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