Sunday, April 12, 2015

puppy marvels

our puppy turns two in less than two weeks!  personally it’s hard for me to believe that we’ve actually had her that long and even more unbelievable that we’ve made it this long without any serious incidents (albeit the clay pigeon episode).  this calls for celebration!  (cody and i really are capable of keeping something alive!)  

although i wouldn’t trade her for the world she is a tremendous amount of work.  in the short time we’ve had her i’ve learned these few things to be certain.

an allie selfie 🙂 
no noise is bad news 90% of the time.  allie has a bad habit of digging holes and de-stuffing pillows.  when it’s quiet we often find ourselves concerned that one of the former is taking place because, as we’ve found, it often is.  the other 10% of the time she is sleeping.  we wrongly think she’s sleeping 90% of the time.   therein lies the problem.  we have no more suitable pillows and our yard is full of mini craters.

the house will never be spotless again.  as a super a-type personality getting used to the fact that i couldn’t  reasonably stay on top of all the little white floating hairs and paw prints without quitting my day job was hard.  we vacuum constantly though i’m not sure you’d know it. 🙁

once she discovered her voice that will was the end of all peaceful nights, conversations, and meals.  allie now yawns loudly, grumbles when she doesn’t get a table scrap, whimpers when she wants something, and barks uncontrollably at anything that moves.  maybe here’s where i should mention i think she thinks she’s a human for more reasons than just this one. 

she’s changed our life forever.  allie is just as much as part of our family as cody and i; that includes our extended families.  she makes us laugh every day and keeps us on our toes.  she finds joy in the simplest of things and is our little buddy.  she cries when we leave and wiggles uncontrollably when we return.  there’s seriously no love like a dog’s love! 
the day we took her home – she stole my heart! 

happy birthday allie!

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