Friday, July 24, 2015

right this minute

each month this series gives me reason to reflect on the highlights of the last 30 or so days. it’s this introspection that makes me feel appreciative for the things in my life that make it so great – big and small.  i’ve needed this since the months seem to be getting blurred as i find that we are busier than ever for a summer that we had planned to ‘keep open’.  we certainly have a full life in so many ways! 
july is an all-american month so naturally we hit up a local baseball game

this recent stella & dot purchase has to be one of my all time favorites (the rebel pendant found here) i wear it all the time

laundered suits – an indication that we’ve been fortunate to be on the water several days
allie’s favorite toy  – we’re impressed it hasn’t been torn to shreds and find it super cute that it goes to bed with her every night

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