Friday, August 7, 2015

savvy shopping : a short list

each year as fall approaches i anxiously await the first chill so that i have a (legitimate) excuse to update my wardrobe with long sleeves, jewel tones, and warmer fabrics.  i think this excitement and anticipation goes back to my early school days when i longed for august and the ability to go ‘school shopping’ with mom.  fall has always meant the start of a new school year; a sense of rejuvenation.  and having a few new outfits made me feel confident and ready.

not much has changed in terms of my sentiments about fall time although my urge to go on a mini shopping spree has certainly waned as i’ve gotten older.  this is primarily due to the realities of life and the fact that my tastes tend to be for more expensive, timeless pieces that don’t always fit into my ‘clothes’ budget line item.  naturally instead of settling for cheaper versions (often leaving me wishing they’d last longer and spending just as much over time) i developed a small listing of tried and true resources for making my dollars go a little farther. 

here they are.  just in time for school shopping!! ;o)

thredup – this online buy and sell gem is a goldmine for all things relevant, trendy and designer.  i’ve ordered from them several times and love that they also have things for kiddos.  it will no doubt continue to be a favorite!

vinted – this consignment marketplace is super convenient and easy to use regardless of whether you are buying or selling.  i’ve sold several items.  while you do have to be a bit more selective if you’re looking for a cheap, trendy piece this is definitely the place to checkout.

tradesy – if you’re wanting a steal on stylish designer finds look no further than tradesy!  i recently bought a tory burch crossbody – with tags and bag included – for a fraction of the retail cost.  i definitely go this site when i’m looking for new shoes and have yet to be disappointed with quality, fit, or price.

amazon – you simply can’t beat it!  i’m planning a prime upgrade before my little mister arrives because aside from shoes and accessories this site has EVERYTHING!

and a bonus:

@hagglekat – here’s an insta bonus for all of you who want a daily feed of the hottest steals in the designer world.  this user posts daily pictures of items that are on deep discount and provides you with the cost and details.  i haven’t found myself impulsive enough to pursue the deals but i love nearly all of the items.

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