Wednesday, February 7, 2018

slay : the mommy workout that works

when i mentioned my 20-25 minute {max!} workout in a previous post {here} my inbox was flooded with messages asking for the details.  well here it is my friends.  my life-is-too-cray-and-i’m-busy-af-but-still-managed-a-workout workout.  it really is the ultimate mommy workout but aside from the babe that forced a condensed sweat sesh it really is a good one for anyone.

equipment needed: supportive tennis shoes, a timer {i use my phone} and maybe some 5-8 lbs weights or a lunker babe.

why it works:  this workout is high intensity and i give it 110% each and every time.  that’s why it’s effective.  the key is: once i feel like it’s becoming ‘easy’ i take it up a notch by adding more burpees, a tae bo jab sequence, mountain climbers or modifying my plank.  as long as you are practicing good form you’ll feel the burn.  if you don’t know good form check out youtube.

where & how i do it:  i typically do this in our living room….in the dark…while the rest of the house sleeps.  early in the morning or late at night is when i get it done.  i love that i can do it anywhere…and have!  i love that it gets me out the door in the morning on time and that i can squeeze it in while they’re watching an episode of mickey mouse.

for the sake of breaking this down by the minute ‘recovery’ consists of running in place.

0-:45  – warm-up – jog in place, stretch – just get the heart pumping

2:00 – jumping jacks

3:15 – burpees

3:30 – high knees

 3:40 – RECOVERY

4:40 – jump squats


5:30 – deep squats or alternating lunges

5:45 – high knees

6:45 – jumping jacks

8:00 – burpees

8:15 – high knees


9:45 – plank {i’ve started alternating leg and arm lifts and bring my knees to my shoulders for an added challenge – there are tons of progressive plank moves on youtube}

11:00 – stairs {i run up and down ours as many times as i can in this time frame – bt. 9&10 times}

12:15 – jumping jacks

13:30 – burpees

13:45 – high knees

14:00 – RECOVERY

14:45 – leg raises {back on floor}

15:55 – bicycle core {slow and controlled movements are key!!}

16:30 – v-sits or flutter kicks

17:45 – jumping jacks

18:45 – burpees

19:00 – high knees

19:45 – push ups or lateral raises

20:30 – tricep dips or extensions

21:00 – RECOVERY

i’m out of breath just typing it out!

let me know if you give it a try and how it works.

curious to know what all you other busy mamas do and WHEN?!  what’s your mommy workout? comment below to share.

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  1. Love this! Makes me tired reading it! I’ve been blessed at my new gig with a free personal trainer in the company gym and the ability to take a long enough lunch to get a good workout in. I know I’ll use this on the off days that I don’t utilize the trainer!

  2. Love this! i haven’t really gotten back into an official workout routine since having kids # 2 & 3 (twins) 2 years ago, and need to, but for now get in about 2+ miles a day pushing the stroller around, and we do acro yoga and silly stuff around the house together with their big bro 🙂 But these are great ideas, I need to get started! summer is near haha!!

  3. This is SO impressive and SO inspiring!!

  4. So glad you’re getting your workouts in at home! I definitely used my littles as weights too, haha!

  5. A “lunker babe” LOL!!! I don’t have one of those anymore, so I’ll opt for the weights.

  6. this is a great workout. i love doing workouts at home with my baby’s. I never felt comfortable dropping them off at a gym daycare, so it’s fun to add in some mom/baby time this actually sheds some real pounds. Thanks for sharing!

  7. This sounds so good! i am not a mommy yet, but I need a good routine. I hope to be a mommy in the next couple of years though.

  8. Oh my gosh! This is perfect! I have a one-year-old son and haven’t had the time to work out but this will totally help. 🙂

  9. I need to remember this for when baby number 3 comes!!

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