Friday, August 21, 2015

sleep inspired: under $100

converting a guest room into a nursery meant converting the office into a guest room.  so over the past weekend cody and i made the change. 
when it comes to preparing for a newborn i’ve learned that the ability to spend is almost endless and while I don’t mind splurging on certain things here and there a guest room was not an area that i was thrilled about incorporating into our baby-prep budget.  in fact, until we started on the room i had almost no idea how I wanted to decorate or what existing pieces might work well in the space.  i knew that i needed to keep it somewhat masculine (a nod to my husband who politely lets me decorate the rest of the house a touch more feminine) and that the walls should be painted a deep blue.  with that, and that alone, we started.  for less than $65 (thanks for a menard’s rebate) we transformed our powder-blue, brass accented, seriously outdated office into a tranquil and inviting guest space.  i couldn’t be more pleased with the result. 

i can honestly say that this has been my favorite affordable house moment to date.  here’s a rundown of the expenses:
new light fixture – $51
paint & supplies – $31
lamp & Lamp Shade – $17
décor & bedding – $0 – already owned

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