Monday, February 2, 2015

snowy superbowl sunday

he’s watching the superbowl and i’m watching the snow blow.  in the past i’ve socially watched the game but, i’m most interested in the good food, company and commercials.  this year it’s just just us.  and that’s ok.  that’s why i’m blogging.  it has snowed nearly 10 inches here in the past 24 hours with a little more on the way tonight.
i’m positively smitten by all the new snow!  i love it.  it makes everything seem so fresh, clean and peaceful.  i could literally sit by the window all day and watch it fall.  in fact, i did for most of the day.  and when i wasn’t at the window working away the mr. was driving me around to take pictures.  (you know you’ve got a keeper when…) there’s just something about a perfectly white landscape.  

 by the way – the budweiser lost dog commercial nearly had me in tears.  go seahawks!

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