Tuesday, January 20, 2015

spontaneous weekend

every once in awhile i have a weekend that leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to start another week – this past weekend was one of those. usually on those weekends you can find me vegging out on the couch watching plant earth and eating junk but, this past weekend was different. instead i was spontaneous (gasp!).

i’m a planner. and when i don’t have a plan i’m literally making a plan to find time to make my plan. i have an obsession with creating lists and getting things done. it energizes me but, boy can it be exhausting! so this past weekend, with no list or plan in mind, i went to happy hour with some colleagues and the rest is history.

after a super fun friday night and a day of being completely useless i actually had more energy to work through the things i needed to get done on sunday which left time for me to go on a movie date with my husband. that’s not to say my list was ever that short instead diverting from getting stuff done forced me to concentrate on what really mattered and not just the number of items i got checked off.

i know i can’t be so carefree and spontaneous all of the time but letting go of the reins every now and then certainly does have its advantages!

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