Thursday, May 26, 2016

spring in iowa

spring in iowa for us means baseball, flowers, warm rain showers, long evening walks and this year a six month photo shoot.  here’s more of libby’s awesome work despite an awfully windy day and a baby who just wouldn’t give it up (his smile that is). 

for this particular shoot we had fun and kept it casual by incorporating some dirt and no putting too much pressure on getting the hair perfect or buying up a bunch of new clothes.  libby met us on-site and we were done within an hour on what was my very first mother’s day.  i always love that she captures the moments in candids we never knew like the one of him tugging on my hair as i carried him across the baseball field or us playing peek a boo because he just wouldn’t smile for the camera.  

it’s hard to believe my baby is 6 months old (even older now)!  enjoy.

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