Tuesday, June 14, 2016

sweet summertime

for the first time in what seems like years! it feels like summer! and it is in full swing around our house with park play dates, swimming pool visits, patio grilling, daytime drinking, s’mores, and boating!  over the weekend we took full advantage of the sweltering heat.  

it started with ice cream at snookies! yummo! a des moines treasure that if you’ve never been i highly recommend you go.  the cutest little malt shop, this place was top notch.  it was our first visit and carson’s first taste of the good stuff.

with all the amazing weather we’ve had lately, no rain and the hot, hot heat i feel like doing nothing but lounging near some water. i could literally spend days poolside!  i had talked all weekend about goingthat’s probably why i was soooo excited to get my suit on  sunday for our first visit of the season. 

carson was the cutest.  surprisingly enough he fit into his easter swim gear though i made sure to get sunscreen on his lower tummy since, well, it was bound to roll with his roundness and it did.  he sat at the edge of the pool and played for a good hour.  he cried once – when his hat got wet but otherwise soaked it all in – literally.  

 meanwhile at the splash pad…he was very deliberate in trying to figure out where the water was coming from and then for him to experience it all over his little body randomly was the best.  he faces were of sheeawe and you could tell he was excited because he was bouncing like a little maniac (bouncing is his new favorite).  i learned that he is very much a quiet watcher when it comes to new things. for as much as he ‘talks’ given this new environment he was relatively quiet and i hardly heard a squeal.  

of course our afternoon at the pool followed a morning at the park.  the coolest park ever to be exact!  we visited miracle park impromptu while on our morning stroll.  even at 8 AM it was sticky!  so we picked three things to try and then headed home.  carson swung (for the first time in a baby swing), cody swung (for the first time in a rocket ship type swing), allie ran through the tubes, they slid, i took pictures.   given the time of day and the blazing heat we had the park all to ourselves.  from the squishy turf to the color wheel this place has everything and is built for everyone!  

this weekend left us with one tired (slightly pink) baby and so many fun memories! 

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