Friday, January 26, 2018

tatum matthew : eight month baby update

oh baby boy!  8 months old already!  baby update below.

the other day i was cleaning out your dresser {for the umpteenth time since your birth} and nearly teared up at the thought of packing away your 6 month stuff.  already well beyond newborn booties and tiny fuzzy sleepers – you are growing nonstop!  every time it is a reminder that these years are going to fly by.

here’s to another month of you!  another month to reflect on your changes, behaviors and stories.

personality// you are such a good baby!  you really are.  happy pretty much all the time and super easy-going.  you do love when people make a fuss over you and light up whenever someone passes you a smile.  you still love a good snuggle and that makes me happy.  stay this sweet forever, okay?!

you are also incredibly talkative and love to hear your voice.  you can play just fine without anyone around but sure do love it when they come near.  you have a tender-heart.  you hate it when carson cries.  if you are crying and overhear him you instantly stop and turn to the direction it’s coming from.  you are also sensitive to scary noises like carson’s rawr.  it gets you so worked up that only mommy or daddy cuddles will calm you down.

nicknames// we’ve been calling you ‘happy hips’ because when you’re excited boy do those hips get going!  we also call you ‘t’ pretty frequently and ‘munchkin baby boy’.  i’m curious to know which nickname is going to stick long-term.

eats//  by now you’ve tried eggs and peanut butter and thankfully don’t appear to be allergic to either – just gag a little on ‘chunks’.  i just can’t get on-board with blw but have certainly let you experiment.  the texture of chunkier things makes you gag and cracks me up (a response completely different from when we had carson and i swore he was choking every time!).  you’ve had avocado and sweet potatoes and a variety of baby food.  you have the whole chewing motion down.  we haven’t had to supplement more than a couple bottles of formula here and there but by this time next month i’ll be close to done with pumping.  enjoy the good stuff while it lasts little guy.

development// baby boy you sure have been busy this month!  you are rocking on all fours, lunging for toys and scouting all over the place on your bottom.  you are very determined!  it’s funny how far you can go without being very mobile!  you are ‘talking’ in that sweet baby babble and blowing raspberries.  we love interacting with you and hearing carson mimic our noises to do the same is just the best!  it cracks you up!  you recognize voices and are interested in allie.  you know the people well who are around you most.  you’re in size 4 diapers and wearing 9-12 month everything.

loves// the play watering can (during every bath you reach for it and tear up when carson pulls it away to give you something else), toes – other people’s toes, driving carson’s car, drooling, jumping in the jumperoo, ‘talking’, mickey mouse, and the breast pump tubes.

firsts// celebrating NYE, sledding, a family trip to the waterpark and science center AND joining your baby friends in the infant room at church.

other bits and pieces

it’s entirely possible you may think your name is ‘nooooo, baby’.  thanks to carson.

speaking of carson, he likes to play this game with you where he gives you ALL of your toys then takes them away one by one.  over and over.  i don’t think you actually think it’s a fun game.  he really seems to enjoy it.

you give the best lovins!  and have started giving us open mouth sugars.  i just love when you go in for a hug and wrap your hands in my hairs and curl your body close to mine.  simply the best!

when mommy and daddy arrive at daycare you get SOOOO excited!  your little arms flap like crazy and your entire being lights up.

we have had several conversations in straight up grunter speak.

sometimes you get a chill and shiver, usually when your eating and the food is a bit cold.  cracks us up every time.  daddy’s trying to catch it on video.

carson colored your feet red this month.   that was fun.

you go in for kisses like ‘come here, i vant to eat your face’.  ohmagosh do i love it!!

with little effort you can flip your pacifier around and pop it in your mouth.  you have it down.

what happened to my newborn?!  it won’t be long – i’ll turn around and you’ll be 25.  i always worry i don’t soak up each stage enough and this month more than any before it i’m wondering where it went and why i don’t have more pictures of you.  you are the bees knees, kid!  you are so much happy in one little being – i want to box it up and sprinkle it wherever i go.  my wish for you is that you keep that happy spirit and use it to positively impact your world.  you make life smile baby boy!

we love you to all the bits and pieces!

e i g h t month // baby update photo dump

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