Tuesday, October 3, 2017

tatum matthew : four months

for the first time in weeks i’m sitting here typing this post while sipping {warm} coffee and listening to your little snores.  you fell back asleep after waking me up at 5 AM with your endless jabber but just couldn’t hang.  that’s your MO these days.  wake, talk, sleep.  somewhere in there you also eat and poop but that’s a given.

four months have flown by and we are high tailing it to six.  time seems to go faster these days.  maybe it’s because i’m chasing your big brother and doing ‘all the things’ or the fact that we’ve been traveling all month or maybe it’s because i’ve been super anxious about it all and fighting the longest cold ever.  either way i better catch up!  we have lots to highlight.

some like ’em tall, dark and handsome but i prefer short, bald and chubby.  you’ve got thighs, boy do you have thighs! and the roundest belly and the shortest blond hairs.  this month you started wearing several 6 month pieces and have nearly skipped an entire size run.  only a few 3-6 month brands fit! that now means that you and carson are in the exact opposite seasons for hand-me-downs – of course! #linebackerstatus

4 month deets:

weight: 16 lb. 10 oz. {71%}

height: 24.5 in. {17%}

head: 42 cm {58%}

routine//  most days start around 5 AM.  you wiggle and grunt until mommy has your milk ready and then gulp it down without much breathing.  it’s impressive!  most recently you’ve then been taking 2-3 hours naps before waking again expecting more milk.  then you play.  you play and play.  sometimes you stay up all afternoon and other days you catnap here and there.  you like to eat every 3 hours and it’s usually 5-6 oz.  our bedtime routine starts at 6:45 with a bath and then you finally fall asleep for the night around 8:30.  you usually wake once in the night around 1 AM and start grunting for more around 4 AM.  mommy and daddy are splitting shifts.

firsts//  there were several this month little sir.  your first trip to KC, your first wedding, labor day, truck & tractor pull, giggles, night away from mommy and daddy.   you also experienced your first cold and were introduced to the booger sucker.  this cooler weather is also a first and is often met most mornings with a scowl. the next month will bring so many {fall} firsts and i couldn’t be more excited about it!  we can’t wait to take you to the pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating!

truths//  you cannot be trusted when it comes to passing gas.  not only have you provided me with a ‘blowout story’ – a badge all moms eventually earn but it’s also been shared by your teachers at daycare that you are the blowout king.  oh buddy, of all the things to be known for.  {insert blushed face emoji here}

personality//  oh mister.  lemme tell you, i’ve never met a more social baby.  you love to jabber all day long.  when you are awake it’s time to chat and if no one is around your little voice gets loud to draw attention near.  you have the happiest coos!

development// you are very strong and a rolling machine {when you want}.  you’ve mastered the tummy to back roll .  you’ve also started to giggle and love when you get tickled on your neck by mommy.  you can grasp objects well and bring them to your mouth but haven’t reached for anything yet.  we have a tummy time blanket with all kinds of feel sensations and the crinkle is your favorite.

teeth//  i’m not sure if you are but i think you are – teething.  there’s lots of drool going on at all times, hands in the mouth, fussy nights, and swollen gums.  we’ve got to be close.

loves//  mommy.  especially at night.  your mobile.  the tv.  your hands.  your taggie blanket.  bath.  talking.  MILK.

tatum matthew, i’m soaking in all of you and snapping pictures like a crazy person.  i’m studying your faces and hands and all those little chunky parts and committing them to memory.  you are growing so fast and i don’t want to miss a thing!  mommy loves you to the moon and back sweet baby!

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