Monday, August 28, 2017

tatum matthew : three months

tatum, it seems like only yesterday that i was planning for your arrival. frantically getting your nursery ready, buying all the diapers, onsies and wipes and arranging for the big day.  i still feel the need to pinch myself that this is real life and you are here!!  time just seems to fly by so fast and as carson grows more independent you are developing at a rapid pace yourself.  i had honestly forgotten how quickly the newborn stage lasts.

you’re three months old!  you’re an infant now!

if you’ve mastered anything in your short 3 months of life it’s growing!!  you are growing like a little weed and stretching out of your 3 month clothes. i can’t get over just how long you are!  yet, you are maintaining your proportions and that belly continues to be round as ever.  3-6 month clothes and size TWO diapers for you baby boy.  no shame in your eating game!

from daycare you get good reports and often ‘sweet’ is circled at the top of your sheet.  from the time you wake and throughout the day you are a happy, content baby – only crying if you need something.  {nighttime is a different story.}  you are smiley and those coos let us know you’re awake and ready to party.  in fact, you are quick let us know that you don’t want to be alone by cooing loudly and crying in that fake i-just-need-you-to-touch-me-and-talk-to-me kind of way.  happiest when someone is around to chat you up and noticeably anxious when that person is big brother.

routine// to say you have a routine would be a lie although you are finally adjusting to daycare and sleeping more throughout the day.  you usually take a long nap in the morning {2-3 hours} and then several shorter {30 – 60 minute} naps later.  you love your sleep and are a much more pleasant baby when you get it!  in fact, modifying your nighttime routine has been priority one since i went back to work.  you are fussiest around the time that carson is winding down and ready to go to bed which makes it super challenging to parent solo or spend quality time with him before bed.  we’ve been moving up your bedtime routine in hopes of making that transition a little smoother for you both.  right now nighttime looks a little like this: eat at 6 with the fam, bathe {lotion & pjs} around 6:50/7, go on a walk, catnap until 8:15 {ish – GOAL}, eat, sleep.

development// you can now recognize mommy and daddy…and i’m pretty sure you know who big brother is ;o).  you are a little mover; kicking those legs all the live long day and pushing up when stood on the ground or mommy’s lap.  those thighs may be thick but they are strong.  you’re starting to drool and continue to work on stabilizing that head so that you can look where you want.  very recently you rolled from tummy to back and we are so proud!

looks// baby boy you are bald!  or at least have very tiny, blonde hairs.  you have the cutest, full lips and wrinkles on that little forehead that show us you are thinking and exploring the world around you.

nicknames// grandpa jim lovingly refers to you as ‘tater’ and mommy and daddy call you ‘tatum boy’ or ‘tate’.  Mom has also been known to call you ‘chunkamonk’ or ‘chunkerbutt’.  carson calls you ‘baby’.

firsts//coos, smiles with recognition, synced nap with carson – the next two months will be b-u-s-y so we are soaking up the last of summer with water play, shorties, and popcicles.

loves//’your people’, MILK, being swaddled, car rides {you do not like to sit still in the carseat – only like to move}, your mobile, and laying on the floor nakey.

my baby boy, you may never know ‘alone time’ but you’ll always know how much you are loved!  we could not have asked for a better addition or sweeter baby.  we simply love you to pieces!!

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