Monday, July 31, 2017

tatum matthew : two months

so, here we are. two months in and our little tatum boy is becoming quite the little mover and shaker.  we just love and adore him – all of us, especially his older brother!  he’s been the best little addition to our family and i can’t believe i’m sitting here typing another month of milestones.  where did the last month go?!

tatum turned two months on friday and today we went to the doctor for a check up.  we’ve been so blessed that he’s been a healthy boy … and a chunkier one.  since his last visit tatum has gained 5+ pounds!!  he’s out of newborn clothes and in size 1 diapers.  it’s been a big month for big growth!

weight:  12 lbs. 1 oz. (39%)

height: 23 in. (43%)

head: 15.5 in. (53%)

perhaps one of the best new firsts this month are smiles.  once scarce they are frequent and often on display during playtime.  they form slowly and are wide open-mouth grins.  they light up my world!

you also suck your fingers to self soothe and sleep amazingly!!!  (5-6 hour night stretches), eat from a bottle and breast, and have been working on developing those neck muscles with tummy time.

this month you started daycare and despite what i know about the center and staff i always get a pit in my stomach when i walk out the door to leave you.  it’s just so hard but i know, for a fact, you are in the best care.  the transition has probably been harder on me than you.  i worked partial days my first week back and when i picked you up after the first morning you were EXHAUSTED.  you slept the entire afternoon!!

you celebrated your first holiday since birth – the fourth of july.  you were dressed in red, white and blue for days and were carted around while we enjoyed a long weekend full of movies, fireworks, parades, hot-hot-heat, the pool, the boat and a trip to the reiman gardens.

you also went on your first family vacation.  we traveled to lake tahoe with you and your carson for a few nights.  it was an experience for us all.  this mama’s hear was full each night as you and carson slept with mommy and daddy.  you were a good traveler and i can’t wait to take you on future trips – that you’ll actually remember.

you’ve found your voice and are starting to make those sweet coos that i love so much.  in the morning they are met with big smiles and the brightest eyes.  when you’re hungry or dirty that voice is used to snort several times pre-cry to warn us that something is up and it needs our attention ASAP.  it cracks us up and puts carson on edge.

loves this month include your swing, car rides, MILK, belly rubs, warm baths and mama snuggles.  my personal favorite are our morning snuggle sessions right as you are starting to stir {enough to wake me}. i grab you up and cuddle you close to me in bed.  you sleep soundly for another 45-60 minutes and it’s the absolute b e s t.

your personality is just starting to make itself known.  you’re relatively easy going, despite being on the go almost constantly yet you do seem to get understandably anxious when carson is near.  he’s quick to check on you, rip out your paci to wipe your nose or wash your face and to stuff it back in if he thinks you need it.  he wants to play with you and carry you – it requires a constant watch but i promise it’s all well intended.  when you’re awake and alert your eyes are wide open and you track objects really well.

i’d love to say we have this grand schedule that makes life easy.  that’s totally not the case.  you pretty much eat on demand and your nap schedule is still being worked through at daycare.  once it’s set there we’ll adapt.  for now i’ll take the longer stretches of sleep at night that help make me a better and more alert mommy.  you are also quite fussy at night.  i’m not sure if it’s colic, over stimulation or if you’re overly tired.

daddy thinks you have my eyes and i see more and more resemblance to carson.  that said you are totally your own person.  you have blue, blue eyes, long fingers and toes and the most perfectly round belly and cutest double chin.  you’re working on chunking up and i can’t wait to see if the next month will bring a few new rolls.

tatum, you are such a good baby!  i love to just stare at your little face and talk to you when you nurse.  i love that i get to be the one that can take care of your every need right now.  i love that you love your daddy and carson.  i love that you tolerate our busy life and add so much to it!  you are my baby.  and that makes me the luckiest mommy!

t w o month photo dump:


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