Thursday, October 12, 2017

teething survival

few things bother me more than a crying babe.  my mama instincts kick in and all i want to do is comfort and soothe.  and if i’m right in the middle of something, like pumping {have i mentioned my love/hate for pumping?!} it’ the absolute worst.

as if the four month sleep regression wasn’t enough our tatum boy is most assuredly teething as well.  poor baby!  he cries so much more these days in the evening when those little tooth buds get to going and has had the hardest time getting quality sleep.  it makes me anxious and puts me on edge.  all that inconsolable crying – ahh!  now that we’re going on two years straight of teething woe i think i’ve figured out what to reach for and when.  (+keep reading for giveaway details)

one.  teething toys//  we have a small stockpile of teethers but tend to grab the same two every time.  sophie the giraffe and our nuby teething ring.  tatum can clutch both easily and because their super lightweight in the mouth they go.

two.  bibs//  we have a serial drooler on our hands.  people, he is soaked all.the.time.  i never experienced this magnitude of drool with carson so having a bib handy at all times just for the drool is new to us.  we like this brand from aden and anais.  it’s not too tight on that non-existent neck of his and is reversible.

three.  infant tylenol//  we often pull this out as a last resort.  it does seem to help but i just hate the thought of giving it each and every time he aches.  when he’s completely exhausted and mom and dad are on their last leg we cave.  after all of the other techniques have been tried this is our go-to.  and honestly, it works.  if it means my baby will get a few hours of sleep before waking again, frustrated and achy, then it’s totally worth it.

four.  wash cloths//  freezing these wet works wonders!  so easy and much more convenient than the dang freezer teethers that take 10 years to thaw and are too cold to hold.  i just dampen half of a wash cloth and throw is in for 5-10 minutes.  works like a charm everytime. {fyi – we use our freezer teethers as lunchbox coolers.}

five.  teething mitt//  i swear by this one.  with tatum we are using the nuby happy hands teething mitt and had something similar with carson.  the bright colors and crinkle sounds certainly capture his interest while the soft silicone textured cover is great for relieving sore gums.  i love that it’s flexible and can be worn on either hand AND that it’s dishwasher safe!  if you have or will have a teething babe get yourself one of these mitts available from amazon and coming soon to wal-mart OR enter my giveaway hosted on instagram @srsobo!!!

six.  coffee, lots and lots of coffee// enough said.  just do it and be thankful it’s not you cutting those bad boys.

i’d love to hear your go-to products or tips for dealing with teething babes.

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  1. I’ve never seen the teething mitt! Looks like something i’ll want to try.

  2. Teething tablets were my saving grace! they are in the baby section at wal-mart and likely target.

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