Monday, October 10, 2016

the best advice i’ve ever received

some of the best advice i’ve ever been given wasn’t intended for me at all. it was advice that i overheard being provided by someone’s grandma and have since adopted as my own personal philosophy on life and primarily, my dress.

dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

basically to me it means to be intentional, in everything.  to take ownership, be accountable and work hard for everything you do and who you become. i know, it’s a bit of a leap. however, it’s application in the wardrobe for work department is pretty straightforward.


i’ve said it before; i’m a watch gal. i LOVE ‘em and during the workweek (and most weekends – so basically all the time) you won’t find me without one. it’s how i roll. Before i became a mommy a watch actually served its intended purpose and kept me on time.  these days i find that they tend to be more of a fashion statement than a functional accessory.  and what’s an outfit without accessories? boring. that’s what. personally i need accessories to feel put together and dressed for success. that’s where jord comes in.

collaborating was a no-brainer. with four watch options it was tough but i settled on the cora purpleheart & mother of pearl. it’s stunning! i mean, look at that arm candy!

Wooden Wristwatch

but it wasn’t love at first sight. honestly i thought the purple was bold and wouldn’t be a fit for my style. i like timeless neutral pieces – i mean B-A-S-I-C! black, white, and gray are my love language.  i’ve always been a bit more adventurous with my accessories though so i went for it.



now that i have the watch the color is my favorite feature!  the grain of the wood (a craze i’m all about right now), the swarovski crystal markers, transparent back and the quality construction rank up there too.  i should also mention that it’s splash proof and has held up during every day activities like bathing our little, making dinner, and walking the dog.  it’s the perfect compliment for my fall wardrobe and my life right now.

AND…just in time for christmas,

jord is also giving away a $75 shop credit to one lucky reader and a $20 discount for anyone who registers.  all you have to do is enter your name and e-mail on their site.  that’s it!  the giveaway ends on the 23rd and the $$ off codes are good through January 31, 2017!! basically everyone’s a winner!


dreaming of the pretzels in that truck!!

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