Tuesday, November 22, 2016

the double line

that’s right!  i’m preggo!

talk about all the feels – like all of them!  not that we’re naive about how this whole baby thing works but i for one was not expecting it to happen so quick, though i couldn’t be more excited.  to say the least, it was a surprise.

i knew i was pregnant after experiencing a multitude of symptoms while visiting our family in kc early in october.  cody was traveling but i took a test anyway.  when that second line appeared i felt so many overwhelming emotions the least of which was sadness.  i was shocked that i felt sad.  i knew that it’d mean carson wouldn’t be the baby anymore and that made me tear up.  it was always meant to be that way but i just couldn’t get over it.  when we started talking about baby number two a few months prior i loved the idea of having two close in age.  when reality set in i could hardly believe it and couldn’t wait to share the news with cody!


i kept the test out and as soon as he walked in the door i told him i had something to show him.  he took one look and said, ‘i knew it.’  i wasn’t sure what that meant.  he said he had a dream while he was gone that i was pregnant and that he had only had that dream once before; just before we found out i was pregnant with carson.  we were states away people!  that’s one powerful connection!

naturally when we took carson’s first year pictures i couldn’t contain the news and had my bestie take these.  she kills it every time!  we are so excited and so nervous for what the next year will bring.

more details to come.









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