Monday, August 8, 2016

weekend recap

some weekends leave you feeling recharged while others leaving you wanting more.  this past weekend was the perfect blend of both.  equal parts productive yet relaxing.  i could use a few more like it in my life!

the weather wasn’t screaming ‘get your boat out fool! so we made plans to be home and stay in the area for the whole weekend.  saturday started with yoga in the park, something i’ve wanted to try for a couple of years now.  it’s free!  and somehow i talked cody into going with me.  it was a fantastic family affair.  while carson slept cody and i tried our hand at some of the moves.  surprisingly enough my husband really got into it.  afterward we ate donuts (because that’s what you do after you exercise, right?!) at cjs and then cruised over to select some samples for our house.  we made a pit stop at quiznos and then came home to binge watch the olympics and breaking bad.

sunday was even more chill.  late to the netflix game we enjoyed several more hours of breaking bad.  we walked the dog (TWICE!), went to church, played, and played, and played.  then i went for a run and made carson some food.  i really like making some of his baby food – there’s just something therapeutic about mincing food in a blender.

and that’s it.  our weekend.  snaps below.





after yoga we came home to this – apartment living has been hardest for little allie


i created a netflix channel for carson lol



a half completed project this mirror entertained carson for nearly an hour – he was cracking up at himself!


raspberries for the babe



he was not a fan of the kiwi and peas but LOVED the apples, bananas and avocado

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