Monday, March 13, 2017


 it’s monday!

whoa.  it’s MONDAY!  where did the weekend go?!  i’m still smiling from it but it was full and BUSY with lots of activity.  sunday was the official ‘birthday week’ kickoff (yep, it’s a thing in our home) for my number one love so it involved a lot of his favorite foods, shopping for his gift, and watching a couple of movies.  birthdays are far more low key these days .  even though the weekend didn’t exactly pan out the way i was expecting on the weather front (or sunday night – read on) we made the most of it.

saturday was the best!  my mom and i started the day with a starbucks run followed by a mani/pedi.  it’s been a couple of years since i’ve done both at the same time and after 90 minutes of pampering i felt so totally relaxed.  those vibes continued through lunch and into my maternity picture session that afternoon.  i just felt amazing, not even the cold was going to kill my mood!  mom was interested in seeing our house progress so cody and i took her for a tour before she headed back home.  saturday night was full of the norm – dinner, laundry, cereal,and a movie.  oh and then there was a massage.  cody gives the best massages and this pregnant mama loved every minute of it!!

while most were on the struggle bus with kiddos and the time change on sunday we were over here like what time change?!  carson slept in until 7:30 AM and church didn’t fall in the middle of nap time.  win!  cody wanted quiznos for lunch – naturally ;o) so that’s where we headed before going to the mall to pick up/out his birthday gift.  cody is seriously the best dad and husband and works so hard for our family.  while i had no trouble spending hours thinking of the perfect gifts and took a great deal of pride packaging them up and making his days so incredibly full  i haven’t had time to do that this year.  around christmas he rattled off a list of three or four pretty expensive items he wanted and i decided early on that we’d check one of those off but i was totally inept haha.   after cruising the mall for a couple of hours and hitting up the play place we were spent.  we had lasagna for dinner and i’d like to say it was a perfectly relaxing evening (as i had planned) that was so NOT  the case.  sure we watched a movie and i typed away here but that was only after we got one very tired and very restless baby to sleep.  i accidentally burnt carson’s foot with the steam mop – total mom fail! – and after 45 minutes of crying (he and i both), consoling, tylenol, damp cold compresses, and milk  he finally fell asleep in cody’s arms just before 8.

my back is killing me from all the walking, i can’t wait to see our pictures, my baby is on the mend and i’m still struggling with mommy guilt.  mondays always come way too soon!

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