Friday, February 6, 2015

winter time is: home improvement time

when winter rolls around that’s when i feel most compelled to work on home improvement projects.  maybe it’s the cold and the fact that i’m inside more but when i look around our home i have a tendency to come up with a project or two that will help us pass the time and make our house our own. there’s a certain look and feel that i’d love to achieve but, without a ton of renovation, time and money it simply isn’t going to happen right away. so instead we tackle smaller projects one at a time. with each finished project we get closer to my ideal aesthetic and i love our home all the more.  it’s a great feeling! 

this time last year we (cody) constructed an amazing built-in bookshelf in our bedroom and we laid new flooring in our sunroom.  this year, in addition to purchasing new appliances (gulp!), we have tiled our entryway and fireplace, and refurbished a new-to-us table.  i am loving the progress that’s being made on our home and can’t wait to finish our work on the laundry room!!!  below are the before and afters and if you’re interested in a good tutorial on refinishing furniture here’s a link worth clicking. 

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